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Six Tips For Creating Your Brand

Six Tips For Creating Your Brand

Strong branding is important for any business. Your brand is the identity of your business and helps your customers or clients recognise you in the marketplace. The right branding can help to take your business up a notch, making you look professional and like an expert in your area. 

Consider how people see you

The important thing to remember about branding is that isn’t what you see your business as. In fact, it’s what other people see your business as. A good place to start to design your branding is to consider what others think of you. Google your business, hold a focus group or hire an agency to conduct some analysis for you. 

Build an online platform

Start with an online platform like a website or a blog that you own yourself, and then expand into other content and ways to engage with your audience by adding social networks. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can all be useful. Choose a handful of networks that resonate with you and your business. When creating online content, keep your brand strong by staying authentic with a unique voice and a memorable design. Online is great for content marketing, guest blogging and networking. 

Bring your brand into everything you do

Your brand should be in everything you do as a representative of your business. Everything from your logo to your business cards should be on brand. It should be in the way you interact with customers and how you present yourself when you visit clients. Keep your brand in mind when you create content or attend networking events. Brand should be part of everything. 

Be consistent

Think about the brands you are most loyal to as a customer. In all likelihood, you are loyal to brands that have proven themselve to be dependable. Brand can add to this feeling of being trustworthy, whether it’s through delivering great customer service or having your distinctive logo on everything you put out into the world. Consistency is important for all brands, so make it a priority. All communication from your brand and all your marketing assets should tell people who you business is and showcase your brand. 

Don’t try to please everyone

No business can please everyone, so there’s no point in stretching yourself too thin by trying to be everything to everyone. Instead, you can be the best brand possible by focussing your efforts on a more specific target audience. A more targeted brand will be much easier to manage and will be far more effective. You’re in business to build your brand into a successful company, not to make everyone happy. 

Offer value

Whatever you do, you should offer value to your customers. To do this, think about what sets your product or service apart from your competition? What benefits do you offer? Is your brand in sync with how you’re marketing yourself? Are your products offering enough value for the prices that you charge?

Keep branding strong for a strong business. 



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