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Your Business Website Must Provide Consumers With These 3 Things

Your Business Website Must Provide Consumers With These 3 Things

Don’t be fooled into thinking your business can set up a website and be done with it. Your website is there for a reason, it’s not just to put your business on the digital map. The fact is, good websites provide consumers with certain things that they deem valuable. If your site can do this, then you’ll maximize engagement and see dramatic changes in your traffic conversion.

Without further ado, here are the things your website must provide:

1. Information

Information is so valuable to consumers. It allows people to learn more about your business, and what you offer. Generally speaking, the more info a website gives, the more trustworthy your business seems. Something is unsettling about a company that withholds basic information from consumers. Make sure you have common things like a page discussing the history and background of your business, and why people should opt for you. Then, you need location information, contact info, and of course, information on products/services. Informed consumers are happy consumers, and they’re more likely to be converted into customers.

2. Interaction

Following on from this, consumers also need to be able to interact with your business. A key aspect of modern web development is having sites that flow well, with all the buttons and links working smoothly, making it easy for consumers to interact. Your site needs to provide this because consumers want to dictate what they do next. They want to click on different things and browse your site, rather than being restricted to just one home page and nothing else. A lot of small companies think this constitutes a website, but one page offers no interaction, and your web traffic will disappear.

3. Solutions

Lastly, your website must offer solutions to consumer needs. What does this mean? Well, if someone finds your website because they typed “digital marketing services” into Google, then your site must provide a solution to their digital marketing needs. Similarly, if consumers are searching for particular products, and find your site, you need to sell them. If you offer no solutions, then don’t expect to convert your traffic. What’s keeping someone on your site if you can’t give them what they’re looking for? This is the most important aspect of a business website, and it’s so easy to provide solutions. They can come in the form of products, but contact details are still solutions. You’ve given consumers a number to call to discuss your services. When you think about it, there’s no excuse for your site not to provide this.

In summary; a successful business website must provide consumers with information, interaction, and solutions. Of course, this whole article runs on the assumption you already have a website set up, and that it follows modern web design protocols. Do that first; create a site that looks the part, and then think about these three things as well. Why is all of this important? Because when consumers find your website, you want to get the most out of them. This means generating leads, making sales – just generally benefitting from the traffic. When you provide these three things, you have an increased chance of doing just that.




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