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Home Improvements: Going DIY vs Calling In The Professionals

Home Improvements

Got some home improvements planned, but not sure whether to do it yourself or call in professionals? Both have their pros and cons, plus it can depend a lot on the complexity of the job. Here are just some of the considerations to make when choosing between going DIY and calling in the professionals.

Weigh up the costs

Many of us choose to go DIY because its cheaper. In many cases, this is true – it’s far more cost-effective to buy your own paint and brushes and paint your walls than it is to hire interior painters. That said, there may be other cases where you need to buy expensive tools such as construction equipment. Professional companies may already have this equipment and may be able to charge less for the service, having already paid off the cost of this overhead. You can sometimes hire equipment instead of buying it, which could work out much cheaper if you don’t think you’re going to use it ever again.

Know your own ability

Nowadays, it’s easy to learn many DIY tricks using Youtube tutorials and books and blogs. However, there are some complex jobs that may require a lot of patience and practice to learn – jobs that may be better suited in the hands of professionals. As this guide Construction Adhesive – The Ultimate Guide shows, there are things worth learning even when it comes to small details like adhesives. Hiring a professional can guarantee that the job will be done to a high quality. Moreover, you don’t want to botch up something that then costs thousands more to be repaired. It all depends on whether you have the talent and confidence to take such a job on.

Be wary of jobs that require a license

Certain jobs cannot be legally DIYed unless you possess a license. These include electrics work and gas plumbing. What you can and can’t do might be a case of individual state law. In many cases, you can wire in sockets and light fittings – however major work involving electrical panels and adding multiple lights to a circuit might not be allowed. This guide Electricity and the Law could be worth a read.

Consider the time it will take

Some jobs can take a long time to do, especially if you’re not trained. Professional companies may be able to employ a whole team to get the job done quickly. This could be beneficial if you’re on a tight schedule. That said, if you have no time restraints, you may be able to do the project in your own free time without any stress.

Do you enjoy DIY?

Some people love DIY. They relish the challenge and enjoy doing it in their free time as a hobby. Others may despise DIY due to not having the patience or know-how. Personal enjoyment is a big factor to consider – a DIY lover may be able to justify the time and effort, whilst a DIY-hater may prefer to take on professionals even if it costs more.  



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