Year-Round Valentine’s Day – Love is more than just February 14th

valentines day all year round

Valentine’s day is one day a year where, traditionally, you spoil your loved one with gifts, kisses and fancy dinners out. So many people have their own versions of Valentine’s day and celebrate it their way – and it’s fantastic. At its very core it’s a holiday of love. The true origin of the holiday is shrouded in mystery, but we know it originated with Saint Valentine and the February was known as the month of romance. But why should you only celebrate your love like this one day a year? There are so many people that don’t want to go out on the 14th due to the rise in prices and the near impossibility or getting a table last minute. So why not celebrate Valentine’s day all year round with the person you love.

Spontaneous Gifts

ash candles byron bay
ash candles byron bay

Rather than buying gifts on Valentine’s day, spread out your gift giving fever throughout the year. Coming home to a spontaneous gift can turn the worst day into the best. And it doesn’t have to be expensive – why not pick up their favourite scented candle, or favourite cupcake? The importance of the gift doesn’t lie in the price of the thing, but in how well you know the person. If you know they have run out of their favourite primer or after shave, pick it up for them and they will love it, and you, so much more.

When it comes to flowers – men love to receive them too! And again you don’t have to go out and spend huge amount on a bouquet. If you want to, then do. But so many people will love the simple gesture of picking up a bunch for no reason at the local supermarket. And if you, or they, get annoyed that the flowers die after a week, then why not buy potted plants for indoors. And not just flowers; ferns, Dragon plants, aloe Vera and succulent grasses are so pretty and stay vibrant all year round.

Date Night

Dining under the sails of the Opera House, at Bennelong. Photo: Brett Stevens
Dining under the sails of the Opera House, at Bennelong. Photo: Brett Stevens

Have a night out in a new, or your favourite, restaurant at some random point. Come home and tell your partner to ‘get ready, I’m taking you out’ – the spontaneity is exciting and so romantic. Particularly if you choose the right place to go. Date night can be very important for long-term relationships. As life so often gets in the way of going out on dates like you did when you first met. So revive some of that ‘honeymoon’ feeling with a planned date each month.

You don’t have to go out for a meal either – you could stay in and have a romantic meal for two. Or, if you do want to go out, why not go ice skating, shopping, to the theatre or to the beach. A day out can be an amazing thing – it gets both of you out of your usual routine and makes you find something fun and new to do together.

Weekend Trips

the convent bedroom
the convent in the hunter valley is just 2 hours from sydney
The Convent – Hunter Valley NSW
The Convent – Hunter Valley NSW

If you like the idea of a day out, then why not look into a weekend away? Let the romance of Valentine’s day follow you to a city break, or a country retreat, or even a beach-sea cabin. And all without the Valentine’s day price tags. A weekend break is so perfect as it gets you out and into a completely new area, and it can be a place both of you have always wanted to visit. You can easily book last minute for a great deal and to add that spontaneity.

On a practical level, planning a weekend trip away from Valentine’s day can be so much cheaper, and wherever you are going for your romantic retreat will always be packed on Valentine’s day. So this way, you’ll actually get time alone together.

Random Acts Of Kindness

random acts of kindness towards each other
random acts of kindness towards each other

They might not seem like earth shattering, moon moving things, but random acts of kindness directed towards your loved one can show them just how much you care. Things like preparing them breakfast in bed, or making them a coffee for when they wake up. Leaving a note in their lunch box, rubbing their shoulders after a hard day. Being there for your partner shows just how much you love them. A relationship is all about doing things for each other just because you want to, without a thought for yourself. And that is really what Valentine’s day is all about. So make the effort to do all the little things and you will quickly see how much your partner appreciates it.


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