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The Most Unpleasant Jobs You Must Endure On Your Mission For A Dream Home

Dream Home Mosman

When you think of your dream home, you might imagine crisp lines, minimalist furniture of Scandinavian design, some vintage on-trend flair, and a general show home feel to your abode. While this may be the end product of your dream, the route which you have to take to get there is not without its unpleasantness, especially if you are giving a fixer-upper a brand new lease of life. There’s nothing better than seeing a shell of a building transform into a beautiful dwelling right in front of your eyes. Take a look at the unpleasant jobs you may have to embark upon before you can turn your dream home into a reality.

C1906 landmark on Manly's beachfront- architecturally remastered – the last of its kind!
C1906 landmark on Manly’s beachfront- architecturally remastered – the last of its kind!


Fixer uppers are renowned for their creepy crawlies. The odd spider loitering in the corner of a window frame is tolerable. However, what about when you venture up into the attic or creep down into the dank cellar to discover a coven of bats or an infestation of termites? Don’t just shut the door and bury your head in the sand. They are not going to politely move out now that they know the house in which they’ve been making their habitat for the past few years now has new owners. Call in the professionals and get rid of the pests.


More often than not a fixer-upper won’t have been lived in for a decade or more. This can lead to damp smells or worse. Often pipework can get blocked with all manner of waste products leading to a horrendous stench permeating through every wall of the house. If you discover that you have blocked drains ensure that you call out a specialist who has a number of strategies at their disposal to clear your blockage. Electric eels and RootX treatments can save you the expense of replacing pipework and will clear even the most stubborn of nasty blockages.

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The Garden

If your new dwelling is blessed with a large patch of land, you could create the most tranquil and peaceful setting for your dream home. You could get your fingers well and truly green as you plant your perennials, pot up the hanging baskets and tend to your fauna. However, before this, you may have to do some clearing work, and if your garden has been utilized by other individuals as a dumping ground, there is no knowing what you may find. It’s better to be safe than sorry and whip on some overalls and a mask before you hot foot it into your outdoor area. Any rubbish or waste needs to be bagged and dumped at a landfill site as quickly as possible. Then it’s time to get the rotavator out to churn up the compacted ground and restore some much needed TLC to your green space.

Dream Garden via
Dream Garden via

Although you may have to endure jobs that might turn your stomach, see you retching or feeling faint, you can employ specialists to deal with the worst of it. If you are thinking of taking on the most unpleasant jobs yourself, ensure that you stay safe and that you’re prepared for the worst smells and sights that you can think of. However, you can feel safe in the knowledge that once these jobs are complete and you have renovated your dilapidated fixer-upper, you will have finally created your much yearned for dream home.




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