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Tips to Improve Your Health at Work

Health at Work
Check out these six simple tips to keep your body healthy and in shape while at work.

Are you tired of feeling the physical effects of sitting at a desk and staring at a screen for eight hours a day? We’ve got you covered. Check out these six simple tips to keep your body healthy and in shape while at work. Say goodbye to eye strain and tension neck syndrome, and resist the temptation of those calorie-filled snacks left on coworkers’ desks. Take charge of your health at work with these practical tips. You can start today!

Exercise Throughout The Day:

Although it may seem difficult to fit exercise into a busy workday schedule, there are simple ways that you can add physical activity to your day without having to leave the office. You can do chair exercises or stretches while seated during short breaks throughout the day and even incorporate fitness equipment like bands and weights into those short breaks for more effective exercise routines within limited time frames. Alternatively, you could take longer lunch breaks and go for a walk outdoors or visit a nearby gym during those times if possible.

Choose Healthy Food Options:

It’s easy to reach out for unhealthy snacks when hunger strikes during long days at work, but don’t give in! Instead of snacking on chips or candy bars, try packing healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, and granola bars instead which are packed with essential nutrients needed by our bodies during long hours spent at work chairs! It’s also best to avoid sugary drinks like sodas which contain empty calories, and opt for water instead, which helps flush away toxins from our systems while keeping us energised.

Get Adequate Sleep:

To ensure that you get adequate rest each night, try setting a regular bedtime schedule that works with your daily routine. Avoid screens before bedtime as they can disrupt natural melatonin production, which helps us fall asleep faster. Additionally, create a relaxing environment by keeping the temperature cool and darkening the room with blackout curtains or an eye mask if needed. Finally, practice calming activities such as yoga or meditation before going to sleep for better quality rest throughout the night.

Eye Tests:

Working long hours in front of computers puts extra strain on our eyes which leads to eye fatigue and blurred vision over time. Therefore it’s important to check with an optometrist regularly (every two years), not just when experiencing any issues with vision. An eye test should include checks regarding refraction (how far away objects appear), ocular motility (muscles controlling eye movement), binocular vision (stereopsis), field of view (peripheral vision), colour perception tests, etc. Make sure to get the Best eye exam to ensure the best results!

It’s important to prioritise your health when you work, and these six tips should help make that easier. With regular breaks, a comfortable workspace, exercise throughout the day, healthy food options, adequate sleep, and regular eye tests, you can improve your physical and mental well-being while increasing productivity at work. Taking care of yourself is an investment in both your present and future success—so don’t forget to take some time for self-care, you deserve it!



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