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Patient Satisfaction: How To Improve Your Reputation and Retain Patients

patient satisfaction
There are many small details that can impact your patient satisfaction scores. But once you start implementing changes to improve this, you need to continually monitor and adjust what you do.

Patient satisfaction in healthcare is vital. If your parents aren’t happy with your service, they will search for a provider who will meet their needs and treat them the way they deserve to be treated. The current patient satisfaction rate in the US languishes at a woeful 24%. This means multiple providers aren’t performing in the way their patients expect them to and can be disastrous for providers who need to balance the books and provide the service expected.

To avoid any disappointment for patients and staff in your practice, it is vital to employ a range of tactics to ensure you meet the expectations held by patients and provide only the best service possible.

Less Is More

You need to spend adequate time with your parents and ensure they aren’t feeling rushed or a burden if they need to spend more time discussing health concerns. Patients need to be listened to and given the time and attention they need when they need medical care. Try to avoid packing too many appointments into your day and allow each patient the time they need for their health concerns.

Improve Communication

Patient communication needs to begin with their first contact with your facility and be something that is central to their care. You need to find the right balance between personal communication and technological advances to improve communication. Everyone from service providers to receptionists, medical staff, and anyone who performs treatment or provides a service on your behalf to patients. Take the item to listen to their concerns, be clear about what treatment you provide, and ensure everyone is happy with the care they are receiving.

Increase Patient Autonomy

Patient autonomy is the right for patients to make informed decisions about their health care without being pursued by the other side. Allowing patients to make up their own minds about what treatment they want without undue pressure or persuasion. Giving patients the correct information delivered in a way they can understand means they are in charge of determining their own treatment and playing a more significant part in their healthcare.

Use Technology

Health technology can be used in many different ways to improve the patient experience and increase your satisfaction scores. From learning about Telemedicine vs. telehealth technology to allow pets to receive timely healthcare more conveniently and practically to ensure you are using telehealth services in the admin aspect of your practice can help things to run more smoothly, as can using electronic patient portals to allow patients to make their own appoints, request a prescription or seek out advice and support for ailments without making an appointment. These tools, used properly, can significantly improve the experience your patients have.

Improve The Environment

Lastly, by investing in modern technology, and state-of-the-art equipment and supplies, you can ensure your patients will have an all-around better experience. Ensuring you are up to date with new methods and technology to improve services and treatment, you can help your patients to receive only the best care using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Provide a fresh, clean, modern environment for services to take place and ensure you are cultivating a positive environment for both patients and staff to ensure everyone is happy. It shows in your day-to-day operations.


There are many small details that can impact your patient satisfaction scores. But once you start implementing changes to improve this, you need to continually monitor and adjust what you do to ensure you are making the right changes for the right reasons and seeing the impact positively.



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