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Three Ways To Kick Start Your Makeup Artist Business

how to become a makeup artist

If you have decided that your future lies in the beauty business, then becoming a makeup artist is one of the most accessible ways of achieving this. While it’s always helpful to have some kind of certification behind you, for the most part, makeup artists are judged by their skill and portfolio of work. If you’ve got the talent, then you’ll get the work.

Of course, for potential clients to be able to see that you’ve got that talent, you’re going to have to advertise your business. This can be incredibly expensive, and even if you invest a small fortune, you still might not see much return on that investment. This is the primary reason why you might be best trying one of the less conventional – but still promising  – methods below…

1) Donate your time

Time for prints

Get in touch with photographers that are also starting out and do “tests”. Models, photographers and makeup artists often work together for free in exchange for use of the images in their respective portfolios.

Offer free makeovers

Secure a spot at the local mall or centre and do free makeovers for the day. You will likely have to pay to secure your spot, and you’ll need to check that you have access to a stall setup and display. However, with these in place, you’re good to go.

Why do free work?

  • Brand name exposure; even people who don’t stop for a makeover will now learn about your business
  • A chance to bolster your portfolio; make sure you take a few snaps of every participant and use these images to showcase your skills
  • An opportunity to show off your skills in front of a crowd, potentially prompting them to consider a makeup artist when they would not have before.

Really, it’s a win/win. Yes, it will cost you, but you will be able to engage with the public, spread the word, and improve your portfolio of different looks– something conventional advertising doesn’t even come close to achieving.

2) Become An Instagram Guru

If you can take a decent photo, then you’re already halfway to making it as an Instagram guru. This is surprisingly easy to achieve, if you follow this plan:

  1. Setup a business Instagram account
  2. Be your own model (or rope in a few friends) and take photographs of different looks and finishes that showcase the range of your work.
  3. Research the best beauty-related hashtags and add them to your image
  4. Publish your image at the time of day it’s likely to be seen by the most people

Keep repeating this, every day without fail, and soon your following will grow. From there, you can offer your services, link to your business website, and even get in touch with potential clients.

3) Help Your Family and Friends

Offer to do your family and friends’ makeup whenever possible. Encourage them to post to social media if they like the look, including a link to your business page. This is free advertising from a group of people who are going to want to see you succeed. They get beautifully-applied makeup (so it’s not like you’re just asking for a favour) and you get the publicity your fledgling business needs.

Starting out as a makeup artist may simpler than you think.

Try one of the above ideas, avoid expensive conventional advertising, and you might just be surprised by how quickly your reputation grows.



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