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There’s Always Room For Charity In Your Life

There's Always Room For Charity In Your Life

If you are a business leader, you might think that your business is the number-one priority in your life. And that’s kind of true to a point, but have you ever thought about making charity one of your top priorities as well? You might think that teaming up with a charity has no room in the world of business, but there are actually a few reasons that should motivate you to do so. Not only will it help to improve your company’s reputation, but it also gives you the chance to develop as an individual. Not only that, though, but you will find that it also gives you a great opportunity to encourage your employees to grow and develop as well.  

Image courtesy of Look Good Feel Better, a charity that helps women move through the stages of treatment and it's effects upon self esteem and beauty
Image courtesy of Look Good Feel Better, a charity that helps women move through the stages of treatment and it’s effects upon self esteem and beauty

Still not convinced that your company should be working with charitable intentions? Here are some very compelling reasons:

Gives You And Your Company More Of A Purpose

If you and your company only have the goal of making as much money as possible, you might find that you end up feeling disenchanted with your whole working life. That won’t be the case once you introduce charity into your business life. There will be a whole new purpose for your work, and it will be to help make good changes in your local society. Plus, you will be helping the most vulnerable people in your local area. By helping charities, reaching out to others, and giving yourself this new purpose to your business life, you will find that your work becomes a lot more rewarding!

Improves The Public’s Perception

giving back to the environment
giving back to the environment

The most obvious benefit of working with charities is that it will greatly improve the public’s perception of you. You will be able to build a reputation as being a charitable organization that is working on improving society. Because of this, you won’t come across as completely corporate, and the public will warm to you. So, if you do decide to give to a local charity or organize a charitable event within your organization, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself. Let the public know so that they know you have society’s best intentions at your heart.

Staff Are More Satisfied

You will also find that your staff become a lot more satisfied with their work if there is a charitable connection to the organization. That’s because their work will have a lot more meaning – they are working to help further a charity’s goals. It’s also a good idea to get your employees directly involved with the company’s charitable efforts. If you take a look at this charity drive infographic, you will see an example of a great charity event that your staff might want to get involved in. But that’s just one idea, of course; there are a whole load of different fundraising events that you and your team might want to consider, such as a bake sale or taking part in a marathon. The bigger the challenge, the more money you stand to raise!

Good For Team Building

Charity and Giving Back
Charity and Giving Back

Being involved with a charity is also good for team building within your own company. That’s because all of your employees will have to work together to help the company make as much money as possible to donate to the charity. If you are planning on putting together a big fundraising event, your employees will also have the opportunity to work together to make it all happen. It’s a good idea to split your employees into small teams so that they can each work on a part of the event organization. Why not mix the teams up a bit so that you get people from different company departments working together?!

Better Networking Opportunities

If you have been trying to improve your networking efforts lately, then you will find that working closely with a charitable organization will give you a great big boost! Once you start donating to a charity, you will become part of their large network of like-minded entrepreneurs and CEO who also have the same charitable intentions as you do. You will find that these new contacts not only help you to improve your charitable efforts and events, but they might also be able to help out next time you need some professional business advice or help.

So, as you can tell from all of the pointers above, teaming up with a local charity and helping them achieve their financial targets might not be such a bad idea after all. It will certainly help to give your business a bit of a boost as well as helping you come across as an ethical organization!



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