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The Easy Way To Find A Good Plumber

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Home maintenance is an essential way to keep your home looking good. A poorly maintained home will end up costing you a lot of money in home repairs. If you’re going to maintain your home, it’s a good idea to have a network of professional tradesmen that you know and trust so you can get any problems dealt with quickly and professionally before they develop into much bigger, and more expensive services. 

Get Recommendations

If you’re looking for a domestic plumber, then ask your friends and family if they have had any plumbing work done recently. If they were pleased with the work, they can suggest someone that you know will be reliable, and who will do good work in your home. If you don’t know somebody who could suggest a plumber, then you can read reviews on the internet. There are plenty of places on the internet where people can review tradesmen, so you can get a clear idea of who you’re hiring. 

Check The Plumber Is Registered

Depending on the work you need to have done, your plumber may need to be registered with a governing body of some kind. For example, anyone working on the boiler must be registered as Gas Safe. Double-check before you bring anyone in so you now they are properly qualified to do the work safely.  These registering services ensure that their members are qualified and skilled. They can be a good way to find someone reliable to do the repair work you need. 

Do some research into these bodies that register plumbers so you know which ones are genuine. These bodies will be different in different countries, so check which ones are relevant in your area, especially if you’re using search engines to check which might deliver results from the wrong country. 

Check They Are Insured

Even with an experienced plumber, things can go wrong when repair work is going on. Just in case, you need to check if the plumber has suitable insurance. This will cover you if there is any kind of accident that causes more damage to your property. Your plumber should have proper liability insurance for the work that you need them to do. 

Ask About Guarantees

You should hire a plumber who offers a guarantee on their work, just in case something happens after they’ve finished the work. If the problem reoccurs again a few days after the plumber has finished working, you don’t want to have to spend more money calling them back to fix it again. A decent plumber will come back and fix a problem for free within a set time-frame, so you don’t spend more money on shoddy work. 

If a plumber won’t agree to offer this, don’t hire them, as it suggests they don’t trust their own work. 

Anyone who is going to work in your home needs to be someone that you trust to deliver quality work that will last, and should be someone you trust in your home. 



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