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Building Your First Home: The Pros & Cons

first home

There is nothing like being in the position to buy your very first home. It’s even sweeter knowing that you have the choice of purchasing a house that’s already standing or purchasing land on which to build a house. Building is an attractive option for a lot of people, especially those who love the idea of building the dream house they have always had in mind. There are plenty of reasons to buy your own home, but it’s essential to talk about the pros and cons of building one (yes, there are cons!). 

With all of this in mind, let’s check them out! You can learn something new today, and you start building a home of your very own with all you need to know you made a good decision.

The Building Pros

  1. There are plenty of pros to building your home, and the very first is that you can build the house that you want. You can find builders who will allow you to get stuck in with the design process, and at, you will find the same. You can select the features that you want the most, as well as the materials and colour palettes. If you’ve always had a vision about what you want for your home, now is the time to design it.
  2. A new house comes with modern fixtures and fittings, and you get a say in it. You can pick everything from the taps in the bathroom to the accessories on the front door, and you don’t get that kind of input when you buy a house that’s already been built.
  3. New homes come with a unique structural warranty, and if you are nervous about things going wrong in the settling period of the house, your warranty can cover you.
  4. There are often savings and grants to be had when you build a house, especially if this is your first home. You need to check the laws where you are, though, as it’s not the same everywhere!

The Building Cons

  1. If you go for a land package, you may not get your exact ideal lot of choice. Finding places that offer those house and land packages is not easy when you know what you want!
  2. We’ve all heard the horror stories about rogue traders, and if you are using a building company with a house and land package, you often don’t find the builders of poor quality. However, if you have chosen the builder yourself, you can almost always bet that you could interview a lot of them before settling on the right one.
  3. What if you can’t find the lot size you want? What if you found the perfect land and discovered a sinkhole halfway through your build? Numerous things can go wrong in the building process, but you can’t predict every single possible disaster.
  4. The last worry with building your own home is the possibility of extra expenses as the build goes on. Always have a contingency budget for this!

No matter what, you are in the right position to be in life if you are debating whether to build or buy. Make your choice wisely!



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