Tarte Holiday Palette 2016 Collectors Makeup Case

This Tarte Holiday Palette 2016 with the Pucci-inspired pattern, silk covered makeup case looks very great on the shelf. Having had it for 3 months is one of my most treasured makeup collections. I know that this is probably too late for newbies to buy or people who didn’t get their hands on one, but it is such a versatile palette, I wanted to do a review.

My overall impression in Sephora was “OMG I need this in my life!” – and that was before I looked at the products.

The shadows are the garden variety nudes in matte and sparkly. “Glitter Glue” was my biggest disappointment, but it was a theme across all the shimmers – patchy with uneven coverage.

The bronzers are a tad on the orange side, but I am super fair. The highlighter is respectable, as is the blush or a peach tone, but has nothing on brands like The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer, Laura Mercier.

I’m gutted that the teensy lip product was so small. It was a beautiful colour, so natural and nude. The mascara is OK, nothing to write home about, with one of those plastic molded type wands (is it just me or is mascara meant to be spiky. Note: Benefit’s They’re Real also have the same type of wand and it’s a really a great formulation.

Tarte Holiday Palette 2016 Packaging

Fabric covered box Tarte Holiday Palette 2016
Fabric covered box for Tarte Holiday Palette 2016

Videos for Tarte Holiday Palette 2016

Tarte Holiday Palette 2016 Image source: temptalia.com

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