Tantilising The Senses For Your Wedding Guests

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Emotion at weddings is like a like a breeze of fluffy snow-white dandelion meadow. It’s light at first, but as the ceremony and vows are read out by the couple, the fluffy seeds of joy spread out among the guests like a thick shower. It’s hard to avoid, and thus it’s really what makes or breaks a wedding for some people.

Wedding guests need to be emotionally invested in order for your day to be truly impactful in their mind. For others that have been to a fair few weddings in their lifetime and already know what’s going to happen, they need a little teasing of the sensations.

Our senses are what connects us to the real world and for a wedding with so much love to truly firmly stamp it’s image and atmosphere into our brains, we need to be tantalised. As the bride and groom, think about what kind of ambience and experiences you wish to leave your guests with.

Aromas and scents

One of the first things your guests are going to notice is the scent and aroma of your wedding. The surroundings will be the chimneys of scent, such as the flowers you choose to have at your ceremony and party. The aroma will be from the candles and fabrics that you have in your wedding such as those that are on the dinner tables and the curtains for example. Most importantly will be the flowers that you choose as these will be permitting the majority of the scent that wafts through the hallways, church, corridors and even the cars. Seasonal arrangements will play a big factor such as a spring bouquet that is light and fruity, while the autumn flowers will be slightly less pronounced and more earthy.

Sharing your tastes

Above everything else, the most opportunist point of the wedding to tantalise the senses of your guests is the dining. Here you can share the food that you love and know with all of those who have attended your special day. Sometimes it’s easy to just go with the service that will provide you with set menus, and allow you to take some items off and add some on. But for the purest form of sharing wondrous food with your guests a bespoke service like L’amour Catering is the best option. They believe in a love of seasonal produce so that ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. They have a 3-step stage so you can talk with them about your wedding style, then move onto the exact kind of menu you want, and then finally you meet to taste the items and dishes, making any tweaks if you need to. The whole point about a bespoke menu is that your guests won’t be expecting it. It’s also extremely personal and straight from the heart, as every dish that is made is made to your specifications.

The smells and tastes of a wedding are the things that last in memory for all time, if you get them right. Beside your emotional ceremony, what matters most is that the senses of all your guests are entertained and done so, by being one-off experiences.


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