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Strengthening Your Home in Five Steps

Strengthening Your Home in Five Steps

Your home is your castle, and thus it should protect you from all the external forces out there that will want to break in and cause you some damage. But, your home won’t protect by itself. No, you need to make sure you are doing all you can to strengthen your home to make it the fortified castle you need it to be.

To see just how to strengthen your home in five steps, make sure to read on.

Strengthen your home’s frame

The first thing that you should do in your home strengthening venture is to strengthen its frame. By doing so you will be doing all you can to protect your home from natural disasters, such as storms and earthquakes, as it will be strong enough to repel the forces produced by them that would otherwise bring them down in a hurry.

But how do you strengthen your home’s frame? Well, you do so by creating something that is known as a ‘continuous load path’ within your home. But, what is this ‘load path’? Well, that is a method of construction that uses different woods, metals, nails, screws and shear walls to bring together the structural frame of a home and to create a chain that sort of ties the whole home together, from top to bottom.

To see just how you would create a ‘continuous load path’ within your home in order to strengthen its frame, make sure to head here, as that is where you will comprehensive and professional advice on the matter.

Strengthen your home’s roofs

Strengthening your home’s roofs, and yes, that’s all of its roofs, is pivotal if you want to strengthen your home to a point where it cannot possibly be dangerous for you to live in. You see, roofs, when left untended to and unfixed, can become very, very dangerous. They can, for instance, capsize and cause serious harm to those that are underneath them when they do, which could even be your children.

So, strengthen your home’s roofs, and make sure not to forget the roof of your conservatory or any balconies that you might have when you do, especially if they’re leaking. Yes, leaking balcony repairs and repairs for conservatory roofs that are letting in rain water are things that you simply must seek because, if you don’t, you will weaken your home and put those that live in it in serious danger.

Strengthen your home’s security

Of course, it’s not just natural disasters that pose a danger to your home, it’s outside interference from other people, too. Specifically, these people are burglars and thieves, and you should be doing all you can to strengthen your home against them.

To do this, first of all, you should fit lights into both your front and back gardens that will come on when triggered by movement, and this will instantly put the burglars off. You see, these kinds of reprobates like to work under the cover of darkness, and anything less than that will be disconcerting for them. And, when their path to your home is, quite literally, lit up they will be thrown off course and will hopefully turn back on their course for destruction.

And, to then make life even harder for burglars, you should have alarms fitted that will alert the authorities right away to their existence in your home, and you should have rooms that will lock them in automatically when asked to do so by you. Yes, this might all seem a bit far-fetched and scientific, but it can actually be achieved in this day and age and, if you truly want to strengthen your home against burglars, then you need to be adopting it in your home.

Strengthening your home’s WiFi

Yes, in this day and age it appears that home WiFi is just as important as anything else in the home, so it deserves to be both on this list and to be strengthened to its optimum capability.

To strengthen your home’s WiFi, what you must first ensure is that you are using all the latest WiFi technologies. By doing so you will make your network as fast and as reliable as it can possibly be. What you should then do is place the router you have been provided with in a spot that will reach the whole of the area you wish to cover, which in a standard home will be the whole home. You should then find the right wireless channel when you come to setting the connection up, and you should limit interference from other devices and applications as best you can. And, finally, you should stop others from tapping into your personal WiFi connection by securing it as best you can, which generally means putting a password on it — by doing this you will stop your connection from being shared out and stretched, something that weakens it.

Strengthen your home’s electronics

Sticking with the technology used within your home, you should also be strengthening your home’s electronics. And, you should most definitely be strengthening this within your home if you live in an area that is typically hit during hurricane season, as serious damage can be caused and take place if you don’t.

First and foremost, you should be installing surge protection so as to ensure that your home’s electronics do not become damaged during storms. When seeking to do this, make sure to get a professional in the field of electronics into your home as they will be able to do a proper job without causing more damage to your home or to you.

Strengthening your home is something you need to do if you want to be truly protected within it. So, get strengthening!

And, when you do so, you will instantly see your home’s value rise, too, as potential buyers always like to know a home is safe before they move into it.



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