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Are You Paying Attention? Jobs For Great Listeners

Are You Paying Attention? Jobs For Great Listeners

Listening skills are essential for any job role. Employees have to be able to take advice and feedback onboard and use it to be better. Without the ability to listen and understand, you will get stuck in a rut says However, some positions require workers to be fantastic listeners, more so than the average employee. You may know it and you may not, but your ears could be heightened. What does that mean? It means that you don’t just listen; you hear, too.

For those of you that are overly sensitive to sound, here are the careers you want to consider.

Counsellor/Therapist/Life Coach

All three of the above offer constructive advice to their patients to help rebuild lives. But, shows that you have to be able to pinpoint the problem before handing out recommendations. Otherwise, the tips may not have any bearing on the person’s life and could be arbitrary. Therefore, you have to be able to listen to what the patient is saying and dig deeper. Reading between the lines is a crucial part of counselling because people are guarded. If they don’t tell you the truth, you have to uncover it to make sure you are making a difference.


In this job, you just have to listen to what the person is saying and repeat it in the language of choice. It sounds easy, but there is a lot to understand before you regurgitate another person’s words. For example, if the translation is for a political meeting, you may have to edit speech to keep the peace. Sometimes, the slightest word or phrase can start an international incident. Also, you can’t misquote people, which is why your ears need to be trained. The same applies for sign language translations too.


Most people think salesmen and women need the gift of the gab. Sure, it’s essential that you are charming and convincing. Otherwise, no one will buy any of the goods or services. But, the best salespeople often negate the customer’s fear before pushing a hard sell. Https:// reckons they do this through active listening. For example, when you buy something from a store, what do you do before heading to the checkout? Usually, an average human being will think ‘do I need this?’ Therefore, sellers have to show their audience they do, and they break down fears to get the right result. For example, if the customer says it’s too expensive, they will offer a discount.

Customer Service

The idea of dealing with other people’s abuse isn’t appealing. Frankly, it’s not a fantastic way to spend a day. However, some people get a kick out of making a small difference. If you are the same, solving problems on the phone or via email is on point. To do it, though, you can’t jump the gun or zone out while customers explain their predicament. You have to listen intently and focus on why they are unhappy and how you can fix the problem.

Are you a great listener? If so, you should note the roles above.



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