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Storage Problems and How to Solve Them

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Many of us have big families, small houses, and a space that forever seems to  be shrinking. Whatever your space issue might be, whether you’ve collected so much over the years, your partner has an ‘interesting’ hobby, or the kids have just overrun the place, here are a few ideas that could help with your storage problems.

Moving Home From University in the Summer

It’s a proud moment when your child heads off to university, but when they come back, they bring a lifetime’s worth of stuff, and who knows if they really need it? To avoid arguments, because they assure you, they ‘really do need it’, try storing it in the loft or attic space. If this isn’t an option, and there’s just too much stuff to keep in the house, try hiring out a storage unit such as This goes for gap years and when your children move out as well. If they’re not going to be needing these things immediately and they can’t be thrown away, putting it in storage saves a lot of arguments

Recycling Old Jars

So much waste comes with every trip to the supermarket, and you pile all the plastic bags and containers into your kitchen cupboards, this ends up being a really inefficient use of space. Everything is messy, difficult to find, and ultimately ends up spilling out and creating a mess. Transferring products like pasta, lentils, or dried beans to jars takes a little bit of effort and saves a lot of time. As well jars can be stacked on top of each other to save space, and it’s so much easier to see what you’ve got when you open up your cupboards. Using thinner shelves in the kitchen, and within your cupboards, can also help to save space. This can make food and cooking a lot simpler.

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This is a simple one, but they can be used all over the house. There are lots of cheap plastic hooks to buy in bulk online, or at DIY stores. You can attach hooks to the inside of your kitchen cupboards to store lids. Saucepan lids seem to be the one thing that just doesn’t stack well in the cupboard! Hooks can also be used to help your teatowels dry, change the position of your wifi router, or even hang your children’s drawings around the house.

Sorting Out Tangled Wires

Wires get everywhere, they’re so easy to tangle, get lost in drawers, or get mixed up with other appliances. Tying certain wires together for certain outlets can help. For storing them, try stacking old toilet rolls or circular containers together, both horizontally and vertically. This helps to divide them up and separate them for easy storage. No more tangled and lost wires about the house: easy.

Storage can be such an issue for any family, especially with growing up. Even if you don’t have space in the house, there are ways to still store things without crowding your home. Reorganising and better organisation around the house,and especially in the kitchen, can make all of our lives that bit easier.



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