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More Space More Value: Expanding A Property

Expanding A Property

It’s not so farfetched to claim that every homeowner wishes they had a surefire way of increasing the value of their property. Now, of course, it’s not always because you may want to sell it in the future, but because homes are like investments. The more they are worth, the more inclined you are to move up in the financial standings. You’re more likely to be approved for a loan, more likely to reassure the bank of giving you an extension on your mortgage, and more likely to be trusted when it comes to setting up a business that requires an estimate of collaterals. Your status in society also goes up whether we’re into that kind of thing or not. The only concern many run into is what kind of expansion or increase in value will you as in individual be able to achieve. Those who are willing to look outside the box are more inclined to reap the rewards.

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Expanding A Property
Expanding A Property
Expanding A Property

Expanding A Property: Extending the first floor

Traditionally, when it comes to extending a home, more will opt to make sure it’s done on the ground floor and almost always, protruding from the kitchen. However, expanding both floors would be a better idea. More than likely the expansion of the kitchen will lead to extended patio, whereby some of the garden will have to be dug up, and concreted over. Yet, an extra bedroom or study room would add more value to your property. With the handsome reward of being able to increase the room number on any real estate agents listing or evaluation, the price will invariably shoot up. Now, you don’t have to necessarily build a new room from scratch, which may be too expensive for some. Clearing out the attic, and converting it into a room would also increase the value. No matter where it is, more tangible space will equal more value.

Expanding A Property: Standalone property

When you think of increasing the value of your real estate, it’s very easy to remain focused on the house. However, the outside expansion is just as noteworthy. The main aspect that puts many people off is the fact that brick and mortar will always have to be looked at, as building from the ground up, is sometimes the only option. However, the cost to build a pole barn house if you’re using modern equipment and material, such as steel, isn’t what you might first estimate it as. Because this design wouldn’t be made out of wood, the inner supports are no longer needed. This gives you a large expansive property that has a large internal living area. This could be used to store cars, or more fittingly, made into a guest house. This too, lets you increase the number of rooms to your property and therefore, rising up the listings in value.

It’s a simple equation; more space will always equal more value when it comes to real estate. The expansions of the ground and first floor in tandem would create a lounging area, as well as an extra bedroom. An expansion of a standalone property that’s say in the garden area has much the same, if not more beneficial effect.



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