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Hidden Health Dangers Of Living In The City

Hidden Health Dangers Of Living In The City

Life in the country is pretty slow and if you’re a young go-getter, time seems to come to a complete halt out there. There’s not much to do and getting to the city is always a bit of a hassle. But living in the city isn’t without its downfalls. Choosing between the country and the city might seem like a no-brainer but living out in the sticks could be better for your health. While there’s a lot more excitement in the city, there’s also a lot more dangers. I’m not talking about crime which is obviously a bigger risk in a more urban area, I’m talking about the hidden health risks. Here’s how living in a big city is impacting your health every day.

Air Pollution

Places like China are notorious for the terrible air quality but the truth is, any modern city is full of all sorts of horrible chemicals. All of those cars and factories are constantly pumping pollution into the air and you’re breathing it in every day. If you’re thinking, I should list my rural property and head for the city, it might not be the best idea. Studies into the effects of pollution found that living in the city massively increases your chance of death, usually through coronary heart disease or lung cancer.

Hidden Health Dangers Of Living In The City
Hidden Health Dangers Of Living In The City


All of those unwanted chemicals play havoc with your immune system and make you far more susceptible to allergies. Studies into this effect found that people that live in urban, or even semi-urban areas are far more likely to have an adverse effect to some of the most common allergens. Whereas, people living in rural areas tended to have a stronger immune system and be less likely to suffer from these common allergies. All of that extra pollution also massively increases your risk of getting asthma and other respiratory problems.

Sleep Problems

Your brain is easily tricked by unnatural light and it can have serious effects on your sleep patterns. There’s a lot of light pollution around in the city and most of the people that live there experience more trouble sleeping than people that live in more rural areas. People in the city are also more likely to be working jobs that involve check emails at all times of the day. Being on the computer or your phone late at night also tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, making it much harder to get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to all sorts of other health problems so the effects reach further than just tiredness.

Hidden Health Dangers Of Living In The City
Hidden Health Dangers Of Living In The City

Mental Illness

People that live in the city are far more likely to have mental health problems. The stress levels in the city are far higher than in rural areas. High levels of stress are one of the biggest causes of mental health problems. The increased likelihood of a stressful job in the city is one of the major factors but lack of sleep and the general fast pace of life factor in as well.

Living in the city does have its benefits, but you need to make sure that you’re on top of these health concerns.



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