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Events for social media workshops and coaching

Do you need help with how to tweet, like, retweet, blog and Instagram post? Do you feel overwhelmed by the size of content creation, scheduling your social media to coincide with your offline media.

Let me take away the parts that you struggle with, so you can focus on what you do best. I can research, audit and create a social media schedule for you, which works in line with your overall marketing calendar (and if you need one of these I can help too!) to maximise engagement and minimise your time.


  • I can tweak the page with colours, images and profile images to customise it to blend with your brand image.
  • Post images at the correct size with the correct type, hashtags and links for maximum engagement
  • Monitor followers and people you follow to make sure that it is symbiotic and worthwhile
  • Follow influencers and advocates to ensure positive association.
synergy 19th biennale opening night event planning on twitter by diane penelope
Synergy Event – 19th Biennale Sydney posted on Twitter

For more information on Twitter please read my blog post on Twitter Influence and Social Traction


  • Creation of graphic with your logo and the correct size, with quality text and links
  • Posting at optimal times during the day and night
  • Monitoring the community for good and bad feedback and solving these issues if needed
  • Tracking what does and doesn’t work and doing more of what does work
  • Monitoring insights and statistics.

Read more about Facebook here…


  • Creating and reposting relevant content to your business and industry
  • Taking images at even if needs and posting, giving the follower a front row seat to anything you do
  • Monitoring hearts and loving back, loving as many images as you need to
  • Build true and engaged follower base.

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  • Posting regular images
  • Creating quality and relevant “boards”
  • Repining beautiful and relevant content
  • Uploading pins that related to your business
  • Following relevant “Pinners” to build a community.

Read more about Pinterest here…

There are other networks but these are the “must-haves”.

I can offer a range of levels of digital support and service to take the weight off your hands. With millions of engaged and active followers for each network you cannot afford to ignore social media. Embrace the opportunities, after all it’s cheaper and more effective (in my opinion 0 bang for buck) than TVCs and press and is instantly measurable, immediate, proactive and reactive.

Call me on 0405 324 369 or email me for information.



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