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Shop Design Tips That’ll Make Customers Never Want To Leave

The more your shop looks like THE place to be, the more customers will set foot inside.

Small businesses line the high street up and down the land, and your own business is probably no different! However, standing out in such a busy centre of commerce is super tricky. As a starting business with bespoke products and unique pricing needs, enticing customers in and getting them to spend money can be a challenge

This is why you should think about your shop front design. The more your shop looks like THE place to be, the more customers will set foot inside. So, if you want your business to be a customer’s paradise, you’ll want to use the tips listed below to make them spend as much time as possible browsing your shelves! 

Have Somewhere to Sit

If you can sit down, take the weight off your feet, and have a minute just to yourself, you become the one thing a customer remembers during a busy shopping day. Just put a couple of comfortable chairs at the back or front of your store and see how often they get used – you might have to signpost them, otherwise, people may think they’re another product!

Treat the Front Door as a Portal

You want your customer to step into a whole new world when they come in. As such, make sure the line between the inside of your shop and the outside world is as different as possible. Think about the smell in the air, the temperature, the light level, how empty the street outside is compared to how full you want your displays to be, etc. The front door is a portal, so treat it like one!

Create Warmth with Coloured Plastic Displays

Invest in some perspex to display your products against, or to use as a divider in your shop, to separate product categories away from each other. Not only does this work to highlight your items, but it helps to create a sense of warmth with the light already fitted in your shop. No matter where your fixtures have been hung, you can use perspex as a filter to refract rays and cast coloured light across the space. If it feels warm, it’s going to be cosy! 

Provide Toilet Access

If they don’t need to leave when they’re desperate for a bathroom trip, they’re going to stay and browse for a lot longer! Toilet access is also essential for equality in today’s shopping world; if you’d like to bring in as many customers as possible, this is a good way to speak to under accommodated shoppers who have disabilities. 

Keep it Easy to Move Around

Whilst you want your shop to be full of goodies, you also need it to be easily moved through, without anything getting knocked or big bags having to be left at the door. Make sure there’s always a clear walkway through the displays, and try to make it at least a wheelchair’s width wide. 

Your shop could be the next big thing! You just need the right design. 



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