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She Who Dares Wins…Or Does She? Why It’s Okay NOT To Take Risks

She Who Dares Wins...Or Does She? Why It's Okay NOT To Take Risks

When you start a business, you have to learn to take risks. Entrepreneurs the world over will tell you all about the risks that they take with their businesses and how they are making success after success purely by gambling. You, as a new business owner, will see many take massive leaps off the edge of a cliff in the hopes a cushion will catch them.

The thing is, it’s absolutely fine to not want to run headfirst off a cliff. It’s absolutely fine to want to make lists and think carefully and go for calm decision making instead. It’s absolutely fine to want to seek some advice from mentors and friends and close contacts before making any giant decisions. It’s hard to balance business that is go, go, go, when you want to take your time and just wait. If you find yourself peering over the edge, wanting to jump off and take risks, know that you can take your time to think about risks first. Of course, there are risks in business that you shouldn’t take. For example, you should never take risks with your insurances, and you should always use corporate insurance brokers to help you find the best policy. This will simply ensure that all that careful decision-making that you are doing keeps your business safe. The one thing that you need as a business is authenticity, and being the best brand means that you need to have the most authentic voice and personality out there that customers can relate to.

People like familiarity, and your brand is going to be in their faces and they need you to stay consistent with your brand. Taking time to observe your brand and understand how you can give your customers what they want is just fine – slow and steady wins the race. When you don’t take risks, you produce stellar work. You may be a person who looks before they leap, but that type of person is also someone who carefully checks everything that they do. Presentations and pitches are perfected before going out and the lack of rushing means that you are going to come off as more professional. Taking risks does have its place, but when you choose not to, it doesn’t mean that you will fail. It may take you longer to hit the road of success that you want, but it doesn’t mean that you will fail in any way. There are times that not taking a risk can mean that you miss the boat in your business, but ultimately, it’s going to mean that you are prepared and ready at all times to take action where you need to.

A professional business leader is one that knows where to take the right risks and where to hang fire and decide to be conservative. Being a slow-burner can mean you take the time to call your risk-taking business friends and get their opinion before you go ahead. Be bold, be fierce and above all, be ready to take action.




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