Selecting The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Special Day

Selecting The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Special Day

When you are finally proposed to by your beloved, there may be one thought which immediately enters your mind and one thing you absolutely need to get nailed down right away: your perfect wedding dress.

Your wedding dress is one of the most important pieces of clothing you will wear in our lifetime and because of this it can be a pretty difficult decision to narrow down the perfect gown. Finding the perfect dress will help you feel like a princess on ybig day and it is something that can take a lot of consideration.

You might want to think about the following when it comes to choosing your ultimate wedding gown:

Wedding and Bridal Party Colour Theme

The colour of a wedding dress might seem like the most simple choice for you to make in the whole world because white has been and always will be the traditional colour. However white isn’t the only colour available for wedding dresses and in fact you can buy a dress in pretty much any colour you want. You could go pastel for a soft look, Ivory for a classic look, black to be edgy and even red to stand out from the crowd. Take a look at all of your options and make sure that you take your time choosing the colour.

Style of Wedding and Your own Style

The style of a wedding dress is likely the most time consuming part of choosing the ideal dress for you because there are so many different ways you can wear this wonderful garment on your wedding day. You could go classic with a ballroom style gown with a corset top and puffed out skirt. You could choose something more minimal with a flapper style or a silk number. Or you can even look for the modern style which invokes a Kate Middleton vibe with lace on the top and a simple dress underneath. Don’t dismiss certain styles before you have tried them because a lot of the time dresses will look pretty boring on the hanger but they will transform when you put them on your body. You can think about trying on dresses with your friends and family so that they can all give their opinions and advice to ensure you make the best decision for you.

Length of your dress

The length of a classic wedding dress is full length and it will sometimes stop just before the ankle or just about dust the floor. Depending on your height and your figure, a different length might suit you to what you would think. Most of the time for example shorter and more petite figures can struggle with full length gowns because they swallow them up, and a knee length number could be a better option to show off some legs and make you look taller. However if you are a regular height or tall, a long, draping length can be incredibly flattering and it will make you look more feminine. But at the end of the day it is down to personal taste and no one can tell you what rules you should or shouldn’t follow for the day.

Fabric and embellishments

When it comes to wedding dresses there are a lot of different materials you can choose from. There’s a classic silk, lace, chiffon, polyester… there are a lot of style and fabrics which you can decide from and the decision of which one of these you pick will go hand in hand with finding the right style. As long as you find a dress which you enjoy wearing it shouldn’t be a problem.

Picking The Right Dress For Your Wedding Day
Picking The Right Dress For Your Wedding Day


When you choose a wedding dress you will also want to think about the weather conditions where you are going to be and whether you will be inside or outside during the day. If you are having a beach wedding you don’t want to be wearing a huge ball gown, and if you are having a winter wedding you won’t want to wear a thin silky number. Make sure that whatever dress you choose will be practical for you to wear throughout the whole day and into the night too.

Comfort and Fashion

Last and not at all least is the comfort of your dress. If you want to get married and enjoy your day from start to finish you need to be sure to pick a dress which is comfortable and which you can easily move around in. No one wants to be crushed by a tight corset all day! Choose a dress which suits you and which you are happy to spend the whole day wearing.


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