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Reducing The Fear Of Learning To Drive

Post Title: Reducing The Fear Of Learning To Drive

It’s interesting to see how certain people differ when approaching certain life experiences. The most confident person on the road might become a nervous wreck when experiencing airplane travel, while someone who lifts weights as a fitness influencer might become extremely anxious in large crowds, such as at a concert. It can be hard to try and rationalize all of this easily – but it can all be boiled down to the fact that people are different, and have their own life experiences.

If you find that you’re quite fearful about learning how to drive – you wouldn’t be the first. Driving a two tonne hunk of metal within a slipstream of many more can feel quite artificial when you’re at the helm – even if you’ve been a regular passenger all of your life. However, this skill is a practical one, and so for many people it cannot be avoided. It’s good not to give in regardless

We always wish to help, so let us explore how you might reduce the fear of learning to drive, and develop a better and more healthy response to the seeming obstacles in your way.

Opt For A Great Instructor

Spend some time researching your instructors. You need someone who is patient but firm, a company that has been recommended by others, and those that are more than willing to go over the basics with you, again and again, until you get it right. A great instructor will know the quietest and most worthy place to teach you the basics of car operation, help direct you towards resources for your theory test, or give you excellent tips before sitting your driving test. A great instructor can truly make all the difference. However, ensure you don’t opt for one who simply tells you what you want to hear, or is simply concerned with letting you pass. Instead, choose one who is there to test you, and wishes to bring out your best driving self. This way, you will become more confident on the road.

Consider Your Fear

If your fear is just a sense of general nervousness, then that’s worthwhile to keep. It will make you a more attentive driver, one that will pay closer attention to care on the road. However, if your fear is due to a car crash you experienced as a child, or deep anxiety when you’re behind the wheel – it could be that seeing a specialist to help you work through these issues is important. A driving instructor is not a road therapist, they are simply there to help you learn how to drive in the best possible manner, building the best possible habits. If there are emotional troubles preventing you from experiencing this well, then it could be that you need to work on your health first.

Don’t Force It

We can often think that if we don’t learn to drive within a certain time frame, or if we fail our theory test once or twice, or if we fail our practical, that we will never get it. But don’t worry. You’ll get it in time. Just be sure to remain careful, confident, and comfortable. Keep going. Keep practicing and studying. If you have to, change instructors. Over time, you will become more secure behind the wheel, and you’ll be better off for it.

With these tips – you are certain to reduce the fear of learning to drive.



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