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How Eco Friendly Is Your Corporation?

eco friendly

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we should all be responsible for, if each and every one of us does our bit, the planet would be a better place. However, as the owner of a big corporation, a lot of responsibility falls to you (and rightly so) when it comes to this. It’s the big companies of the world that can make a real difference to planet earth with the positive changes they make. From Mcdonalds stopping using plastic straws to Ikea using at least 50% of it’s wood from sustainable sources, bit by bit we can work to reduce the damage humankind has done to the planet over the last few decades. Here are things that just about all businesses can take on board, and are relatively easy changes to make. 

Use Less Plastic

We’re in the midst of an epidemic when it comes to plastic, with entire ‘islands’ washing up in the ocean, it’s now breaking down and entering the human food chain. Who knows what kind of knock on effect this is likely to have, all we do know is it’s not going to be good. Most of the plastic that ends up in landfills and the ocean are single use- it’s crazy to think that a material capable of lasting hundreds of years is being used to package a product that’s only going to be used once. Stop using single use pens and ink cartridges, switching to refillable varieties. Find alternative packaging methods for your products that don’t require plastic. Ban plastic bags from being used in your stores, opting for paper instead. Customers are becoming used to this now so it won’t affect you at all, many choose to bring their own bags with them thanks to the carrier bag charge being put into effect. 

Use Less Energy

Despite energy sources being cleaner and greener these days, too many fossil fuels are still being used. Do your research, choose an energy company to power your business that uses and researches more sustainable options. Even with specific industries such as mining, you can find an independent power supply which is energy-efficient and robust. If your business is mainly office based, simply switching from computers to laptops could be the way to go since they use much less power. Something as simple as turning off the lights after workers go home can make a difference, many offices keep lights and computers running all night which is completely unnecessary. 


Finally, recycling correctly means that any waste your company produces is handled properly, is being re-used where possible and as little goes to landfills and incinerators (which are bad for the environment) as possible. Even if you plan on using less paper and plastic over time, if you’re still currently using it then they need to be disposed of in the right way. Assign proper bins to each material, and make sure you’re teaching your staff how to use them. 



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