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Real Or Fake? The Age Old Interior Design Debate

Real Or Fake? The Age Old Interior Design Debate

Transforming a house into a home is about interior design. The only way to make a property look the part is to dress it properly. Every homeowner agrees on this point. However, the majority don’t agree on the best way to hit the target. After all, there is more than one way to skin a cat. So, what is the best choice when it comes to real or fake? The decision is a personal one, but here are a few of the pros and cons which should help.

Faux Is Cheap

From faux leather to faux fur, if it isn’t genuine, there is no need to pay the full amount. Laminate flooring is probably the best example of this in a home. Usually, people ask why laminate flooring when on a budget? And, the simple answer is the price. Oak or other wood could cost thousands of dollars. An average homeowner knows they have to spend money, yet they don’t have a bottomless budget. With a lifelike alternative, it is possible to create a style without breaking the bank. Of course, the fact that it’s easy to install and clean is just one more reason to consider a faux material.

Real Is Luxurious

Sure, a real hardwood floor will cost a fortune and most people don’t have the cash. However, there are concessions when you try and cut corners. For the most part, the biggest concession is the lack of luxury. A laminate floor may appear stylish, but it won’t have the same je ne sais quoi. Although it sounds like an indulgence, real materials have a smell and appeal which are impossible to replicate. Homeowners wanting a sense of elegance in their property need to think twice, then, before they go cheap. Anyone who is solely money orientated doesn’t need to worry, but many property owners want style and substance.

Fakes Are Hard To Spot

An eagle-eyed collector may be able to tell the difference, but most people won’t have a clue. You have to remember that guests aren’t as observant as they like to believe. Yes, they look around and take everything in, yet they jump to conclusions. With a good fakie, it isn’t hard to fool people into thinking your home is the real deal. In today’s day and age, perception is everything. When you factor in the price and the appearance, a fake furnishing has its pros.

Genuine Items Are Money Makers

A regular person moves homes up to eight times in a lifetime. So, the odds are high that this property won’t be your last. With this in mind, it’s savvy to add features which raise the value of the house. That way, you can recoup the money, make a profit, and buy your dream home. Real interior design fixtures are the best way to add value. Why? It’s because buyers pay lots of money for homes which are luxurious and habitable. In 2017, there are lots which require plenty of time and money. Buying a readymade house is less hassle in the eyes of the buyers.

So, are you fake or genuine? You decide.



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