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Preparing for Christmas – Kitchen Improvement & Renovation Tips

pre-christmas renovations

Now that Spring is in full swing (in Australia at least), it might be time to start thinking about the holiday season and what you might be getting up to for Christmas. If you’re going to be staying at home, then the thought of having the family all around and catering for them all could be a little stressful. It would be the dream to have a brand new kitchen to use, right? It would certainly make the whole thing much easier and less of a chore. But have you got time to renovate your kitchen in time for Christmas? Here are some things you could be doing to change your kitchen ready for Christmas. I’d love to hear about any projects that you have planned.

Repaint Units

While there is time to get a whole new kitchen installed, you can quite easily feel the change with simply a lick of paint. One way to really make the kitchen look brand new is to give the units a complete new look. A new colour can brighten the room, as well as make a change from just having wooden units in the kitchen. Just make sure that you sand them down well, and use a paint that is suitable for kitchens. With extra moisture in the kitchen, it’s important to use the right ktype of paint.

Plan an Extension

If a larger kitchen is what you had in mind, then looking for a renovation company is what you need to be doing pronto, especially if you want to have things underway in December. It could be that you want to extend the size of the kitchen, add a kitchen island, or just change the layout. Some jobs will take longer than others (such as an extension as you’re likely to need certain planning permissions). But if you get the ball rolling now, you could be enjoying Christmas with a newly designed kitchen.

What about a New Fridge or Freezer?

If you currently have quite a small fridge or freezer, then could it be time to upgrade a little and get a different one? In time for the holidays, you are likely to need a lot of extra space to keep things cool. If you haven’t got space in your kitchen for a large refrigerator, then you could always think about putting one in the garage so it is out of sight.

Think About Lighting For Christmas

christmas in summer
christmas in summer

Lighting is what can make or break any room in the home. And if you have quite a dark and dingy kitchen at the moment, then it is only going to get more dark and dingy as the winter nights (and mornings) approach. So look to change your lighting where you can. A kitchen is a good place to experiment with multi-level lighting. For instance, countertop lighting, as well as having a main pendant light, as well as wall lighting. Recess lighting in cabinets can be a great addition to the kitchen and really brighten things up if you’re looking to just make a small change in the kitchen.



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