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Practical Outfit No Nos To Pay Attention To


Fashion is a crazy game, and the usual icons aren’t going to cut it for practical daily life. When it comes to making an outfit, using fake fur on the commute into work in the morning is going to get you a bit hot. Either that, or layering a shirt with a cool biker jacket on the tube, and wearing those gorgeous boots we love to think about going adventuring in isn’t going to your punk rock vibes any favours when you pass out. Whilst these are all strong fashion choices, they’re not going to work quite so well with the spring heat bearing down on us.

Showing Off too Much Skin

So showing off your assets is something fashion has us doing well, no matter your body shape or size. However, we need to be a little bit more practical with a constant sun over our heads, as there’s no chance of catching a tan when you’re burning up bit by bit!

When it comes to summery outfit ideas, try to keep your arms and torso covered, and then you can let your legs go a little freer. An off the shoulder look does wonders for ventilation, but make sure you’re exposed skin is protected. Of course, some skin coloured tights will work wonders here for keeping cool in the limited breeze, and they often work better than leggings as they’re translucent enough to let the sun in rather than just absorb it.

You don’t want to become a tomato in your pursuit of looking good, do you? The popular saying is that we have to suffer for beauty, but beauty is overrated if it affects our health! Be safe and smart in your choices, and you’ll still look just as good in your thin blouses and lacy chest detail.

Having Ill-fitting clothes

Coats are comfy, there’s no disputing that. Having an oversized overcoat can feel like a big hug, and is good to snuggle into when we’re tired on a drive or train home and the air con’s blasting our faces. Yet, having an outfit that is too big for your frame is always going to have a distorting effect on your body, and of course it needs to be said that sometimes we like this. However, a lot of the time it can be immediately spotted, and just doesn’t look right in our imaginations.

It’s very tricky to get away from the idea of oversizing when it comes to finding a good coat, as they’re big by definition, and thus getting one in your size is never truly going to happen. However, going for one that’s two sizes up from your usual isn’t going to do you any favours in both the looks and breeze department.

If your coats too big for your boots, it’s going to be cumbersome, and just having it on your arm is going to make you so much hotter. Sweat patches don’t feel comfy at all on any clothing item, so have something short and sweet about you to be prepared to deal with them.

Wearing Heavy Duty Fabrics in Spring

Reserve these items for the wintery periods. Having something that’s durable and versatile on your frame on a warm day means you’re going to be sweating just standing up, and means when you’re sitting at your desk, or working at the counter, you’re not going to be comfortable in any way, shape, or form. You don’t want to deal with customers already at a disadvantage.

If your wardrobe consists entirely of strappy tops and lace fittings,you’re already at an advantage. Try pairing these with light cardigans, and avoid things with a polyester blend fabric base, as they’re going to be a lot more heavy duty than cotton, which is soft and sweet for the beachy days we’re going to have a lot more of. Because of the manufacturing business, it’s actually easier to find something warm than it is heat resistant, so keep an eye out! It makes for a good shopping trip excuse!

Fashion seems to have a lot of rules to it, but following your own set is easier for both your sanity and your health when it comes to it. There’s a lot you can do for your own wardrobe for the upcoming summer heat, and it’s a good idea to get on with it now whilst we still have the promise of some lower temperatures on the forecast.



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