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Popular Gate Designs to Suit Every Home

Popular Gate Designs

Choosing the right gate design for your home comes down to more than simply personal taste.

A property’s architecture offers a strong visual element that impacts how well fence and gate designs complement the home. Whether a house is a rustic cottage, contemporary showstopper or a period property steeped in history, a front yard gate and fence complete the look of your home from the street.

If you’re looking to combine all-important privacy and security with charm, here’s how you can maximise kerb appeal.

Classic Picket with a Modern Touch

Cottage-style and traditional homes suit the charm of white picket gate designs.

Timeless and elegant, picket gates and fencing can complement almost every housing style, from heritage to homestead and modern.

Pickets can be flat on top and narrow or wide to suit the house. Flat pickets with posts capped by classical urns add a modern touch to older homes, or consider adding carved finials on the gate posts for architectural detail.

Pointed-arch pickets and posts take a more minimal approach and can be finished with a dark-colour stain for rustic homes. Victorian-era houses often have painted wood features which pair beautifully with pickets. These are generally painted in a neutral tone such as white, so as to not upstage the house.

Contemporary Timber

If traditional pickets don’t spark your interest and you’re after a wood-style design, contemporary charm can still be achieved with timber fencing.

The natural appeal of timber gates and fencing pair perfectly with plants and paving. This style is suitable for Federation homes to ultra-modern homes that use a combination of materials.

Contemporary properties have clean lines, defined areas and attention to detail. Slat gate designs and fencing offer enough versatility to complement these characteristics.

Tip: To minimise the annual maintenance, termite problems and warping or splintering, opt for aluminium or smartwood slat fencing which mimics the charm of timber without the hassle. Aluminium is powdercoated to suit your individual colour and style preferences.

Decorative Federation Style

Federation and Victorian era homes have decorative features which can be detailed in gate and fencing designs.

These impressive and elaborate houses work with either picket fences or iron, complete with ornamental spearheaded piers. Decorative wrought iron can be paired with bricked columns to the side of your gate for a truly grand entrance, or choose an ornate steel gate for a high-end focal point.

Traditional Balinese

Bali-inspired style is becoming popular in Australia.

Influenced by natural materials, tropical landscapes and lush retreats, traditional Balinese homes have multiple options for gate and fence design ideas.

Decorative laser-cut screening makes an attractive combination with fences. They’re also highly durable and work well as privacy screens, especially when paired with dense-growing plants like bamboo.

Timber fencing or traditional stone gate and fencing designs will also match.

Georgian Wrought Iron

Wrought iron gates and railings suit most period properties, especially Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian.

Steel or wrought iron are the most durable on the market requiring little to no maintenance to keep looking good. They also offer security and privacy with the right spacing.

Although today’s Georgian homes are more modest compared to the intricate details of the early 20th century developments, adding pointed ball heads, star-shaped spears or other classic details to your gate design can bring the front of your home to life.

Driveway Gates

How you want your driveway gates to function will influence your style and materials options. However, make sure they still achieve a cohesive look with the rest of your fencing and home’s architecture.

Material options include timber, wrought iron, aluminium and steel.  Also consider how your gate will open – inwards, outwards or to the side. Driveway length and space will generally influence these options, for example, swinging gates won’t work on upward sloping drives.

Along with your main gate access, determine your driveway gate access for security and privacy. Remote control access is common, but an intercom will provide additional security.

The right gate and fence style can increase your home’s kerb appeal and resale value. What style will make your home stand out on the block?



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