Picture Perfect Gifts for Your Best Friend

gifts for friends

You might have a lot of different friends come and go throughout your life. From your work buddies to your party hard comrades, however a best friend can be hard to come by. Your best friend is who you call when you are feeling low, the one who is always by your side no matter what, and gets your weird jokes without having to ask for clarification. Your best friend is seriously special, which is why you need to put extra effort into finding the perfect gift for them. Whether they have a birthday coming up or you just feel like you need to show them how much you care, here are some picture perfect gift ideas that never go out of style!

Jewelry for the Fancy Friend

Okay, hear us out, because we aren’t talking about some random necklace you found at some boutique nearby. Jewelry can be a really cool gift idea if it means something, so think about what your friend is really into and find something perfect just for them. Is your friend into the minimal aesthetics? Then go for a simple, gold pendant—representing something they are passionate about, like a music note or a flower. Does your friend enjoy scoring vintage finds? Head over to a vintage shop and look for something truly one-of-a-kind. This gift doesn’t just have to be for the ladies. Men wear jewelry too! Consider finding a cool leather wrist cuff or even some stylish cufflinks if your guy buddy is the dress-up type.

Home Décor for the Homie

gifts for the holidays
gifts for the holidays

Is your best friend a homebody? Would they choose staying at home for a game night over going out to a bar? If so, you can get them something super cool for their apartment or house. You can find a unique throw pillow for their couch with a neat image or phrase, or you can go with an awesome art print for their wall that shows off their love for a certain television show or band. Home décor options are really endless and the better you know your friend, the more you have to choose from.

Plan a Trip for the Adventurer

If you are looking for a gift for a big celebration, such as a birthday or a milestone, consider planning a getaway trip for your bestie. There are tons of different options to choose from no matter what your budget is, so don’t write this one off just yet if your funds are low. If you need to keep spending low, plan a cool staycation where you both live. Affordable hotel rooms or Airbnbs are always around if you know where to look and have the time to wait for a good price, so find a neat one and then plan on hanging out on the beach all day or go hiking in the mountains for some adventure. You can end the night dancing at a cool venue or getting a nice dinner (or even order takeout to stay in and watch all those movies you both have been meaning to see). And if you have the funds for a grander adventure, plan an entire weekend some place farther away and take care of their airplane ticket as a surprise. We really like the idea of surprising our best friend with a pair of cool sunglasses and then drop the bomb that they will be able to put those sunglasses to good use while chilling in Hawaii with you.

Book Love for the Readers

If your friend is a voracious reader who spends weekends reordering their bookshelf by color one week and by shape the next, you should look into a gift that says, “I see your obsessive need for books and I appreciate you.” We know that actually buying books for those BFFs is an impossible task (because guess what, they’ve already read that cool book on the best seller list). Think about other ways to support their literary habits, like signing them up for a neat book club that will mail them brand new books every month. You could also easily tie this gift in with the others. For instance, find a cute book pendant on a delicate gold chain or custom make an art print with their favorite book passage on it. Trust us, they will appreciate that you pay attention.


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