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Be A Magician And Create The Illusion Of Space In Your Home

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Unfortunately, houses are extremely expensive these days so those of you who are struggling for space in small apartments and houses might not be able to resolve this issue by simply moving into a new property. You will have to work with what you have already got!

But don’t worry; that doesn’t mean that you need to go on feeling cramped at home. In actual fact, there are a few different things that you could always try to create the illusion of space throughout your home. No matter how small it is, your home will certainly feel a lot bigger if you use a few decor hacks that can open up the space and create a bit more room for you and your family. Does this sound like something you’d be eager to do? If so, then read on to find out how you can go about it.

Bring In Plenty Of Natural Light

Firstly, it’s a good idea to try and get as much natural light in the rooms as you can get. This can be quite difficult if your house is positioned in such a way that it is prevented from enough sunlight shining in through the windows. But it is still possible to maximize what little sunlight does shine through your windows – you just need to know some decor tricks! For instance, if you currently have very heavy or dark curtains hanging on the windows, you might want to swap them for some lighter ones that will allow more light through. If you are up for some fairly large DIY projects, you might want to increase the size of your windows. Floor-to-ceiling ones will allow light to flood into your home, no matter how it is positioned.

clear glass window
clear glass window

Open Up Into The Garden

Do you have a small living room or kitchen-diner? If they are on the garden side of your house, you can always extend into the garden. This will be a fairly big project, but it can actually be reasonably affordable for most homeowners. However, you will need to apply for planning permission, and there is no guarantee that you will be granted this. If you can’t extend into your garden, for whatever reason, you can still help the room at the back of your home flow out into your outdoor space. You just need to install some floor-to-ceiling double hung windows. These will help more natural light come into the room, but being able to have a clear line of vision into your garden will make the room feel a lot more spacious than what it actually is.

couch colour palette
couch colour palette

Go For Light Color Tones

If you have been thinking of redecorating some of your rooms, then you should think about completely repainting them. This could be really useful if they are currently painted in dark colors and tones. That’s because dark colors tend to absorb a lot of light from the room and they will make the whole space feel a lot darker as a whole. Not only that, though, but walls that are completely covered in a dark color will feel a lot closer together, making the room feel quite cramped. So, to help open up the room, you should opt for lighter tones that can make the entire room look a lot more spacious.

Make Sure Walls Aren’t Busy

When it comes to the decor of your rooms, you will want to keep it very unfussy in a small house. If you add too much to the walls, they will end up looking very busy and this could make them feel like they are very close together. That’s a surefire way of making any room feel small and cramped. So, don’t go overboard when you are adding art and photos to your walls. Just one piece of art or a one framed photo on each wall should be enough and it won’t impact too much on the room’s sense of space.

Add Lots Of Mirrors

If you don’t have any artworks or photos to add to your home’s walls, it’s a good idea to find some mirrors for them. Not only will this add some decorative features to your decor, but the glass in the mirror can actually help create the illusion of space. That’s because the mirror will reflect all of the light that shines into them around the room. This is actually a neat trick that will work well if your house doesn’t get enough natural light. Simply place a few mirrors around your home, and you will find they can help increase the light in all your rooms, and make them feel a lot bigger.

Consider Floating Cabinets

If you have quite a few chests of drawers, cupboards, and other storage units in your room, you might find that these can make the rooms feel quite cluttered and small. Even though there won’t be much clutter around your room – after all, it should be in your storage units – but the units themselves will be taking up a lot of floor space, which can reduce the space that you can use in each room. Don’t worry, though; you don’t need to give up all your storage. You just need to attach some of them to the walls! Floating cabinets can free up your floor space, which will help open up the whole room.

Think About Inbuilt Furniture

Another good tip is to consider adding some inbuilt furniture to your rooms. Built-in sofas were a popular aspect of mid-century modernism in interior design, and they are still very popular these days as well. Plus, these types of sofas can often have some storage space built into them, which is a great way to utilize hidden storage in your home. So, for more floor space and storage, it really is worth opting for some inbuilt furniture.

As you can see then, you don’t need to suffer with a small house. There are a few things you can do to open up all the space that you have!




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