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Office Design for Happier Employees

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Your employees work hard for you, logging up all of those hours every week to keep your business, not only afloat, but successful and at the cutting edge of your industry, or at least they should do, right? So, as their employer, you owe it to them to do whatever you can to make their time at work feel less of a chore and more of a pleasure. You can start by switching up the design of your office space so that it is more conducive to calm, happiness and productivity. Here’s how:

Rubber Flooring for Peaceful Office Bliss

Now, hold up before you dismiss rubber flooring as something better suited for a gym than your chic office. This stuff is a triple threat – durable, aesthetically pleasing, and a ninja at absorbing sound. Picture an office where the constant clacking of heels and the dreaded office chair races are as quiet as a secret. That’s the gift of rubber flooring, my friends. It keeps things peaceful, allowing your team to concentrate on being awesome without the cacophony of a noisy office.

Green Spaces to Bring  the Great Outdoors Inside

No epic tales have been written about fluorescent lighting, but the great outdoors? That’s a different story. Why not bring a slice of that into your office? Adding plants doesn’t just up the oxygen levels; it’s like injecting a dose of creativity. Caring for a plant can be the perfect little escape, a mini-vacation to nature, sans the bugs and the sunburn. Designate a green area or two where employees can refresh themselves, and watch the happiness levels flourish.

Break Rooms That Break the Norm

Then there’s the break room, traditionally a realm of microwave mishaps and questionable snack choices. Let’s give it a facelift! Turn it into a space that genuinely invites relaxation. Think about a theme that says “beach lounge” without the sand. Or perhaps a corner for board games and, why not, a ping-pong table? It’s about creating a place where employees can truly chill, share a laugh, and maybe spark some innovative ideas over a game of “Ping-Pong Champ.”

Open Spaces with a Dash of Privacy

The open-plan office has taken some hits, often feeling as exposed as a fishbowl. Yet, open spaces can foster amazing collaboration. The key? Integrate some private spots throughout. Imagine phone booths for confidential calls, small breakout areas for team huddles, and quiet zones where the loudest sound is the click-clack of productive keystrokes. It’s all about balance – like the perfect burger, it needs the right mix of toppings.

Art That Inspires and Amuses

Don’t even get me started on blank walls. They’re a blank canvas crying out for inspiration. Fill your office with art that not only motivates but also brings a smile. How about a mural with a superhero theme? It’s unique, sure, but it’s a conversation starter that reminds everyone to keep things light. Office art should be a feast for the eyes that nurtures the soul and tickles the funny bone.

Happy spaces make happy employees, so what are you waiting for?



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