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Office Cleaning Hacks For A Stress-Free Festive Season

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Christmas is an exciting time for businesses. There’s a buzz in the air, and people are genuinely more cheery and excited that makes it a wonderful time to be at work. As you prepare for the great Christmas shut-down, you’ll probably have a huge to-do list including getting invoices paid, signing off with clients etc., and this can make it difficult to remember some of the other things that need doing at this time of year. Getting your office ready for Christmas with a good clean will make it easier for people to celebrate, while also having a sparkling office ready for you when you get back.

Get your office in order this Christmas with these genius cleaning hacks for a stress-free festive season.

Start Office Cleaning as early as possible

Rather than leaving all of the office cleaning until the last working day, get started early by taking care of the jobs that can be done now. Things like clearing out the staff fridge and cupboards will save you a job later on and makes sure that nothing gets left behind that could cause a stink when everyone returns after the break.

Get the professionals in for Office Cleaning

With everyone busy trying to finish up work for the year, it makes sense to get the professionals in to give the office a thorough clean. Get some commercial window cleaners in to tackle the windows and hire carpet or flooring specialists to spruce up the office floor. It makes sense to book your regular cleaners to come in during the holidays where possible to make sure the office is clean and tidy ready for when everyone comes back.

Have a ‘clear-out’ day

The end of the year is the perfect time to have everyone get rid of unnecessary paperwork and file the rest away. Set aside a day in everyone’s diaries for a ‘clear-out’ day – the day of your office party could be a great time with people’s mind already straying from doing proper work. Have everyone pitch in to get rid of anything that’s no longer needed so that they can start the New Year fresh. Now would also be a good time to send around a note with tips on how to reduce office clutter so that your employees can start some better habits from January.

Clear the decorations before you close for the holidays

Having to take down the Christmas decorations is never fun, but it’s not a job you’ll want to do when you come back to work in the New Year. Ask people to pitch in to help get the office back to how it was, or ask the cleaners to take care of it after everyone has gone. It may feel like you’re ending Christmas early, but you’ll be going home to your own decorations and celebrations anyway!

Getting your office clean for Christmas will ensure everything is nice and fresh for when you return after the holidays. Want to read some more useful business articles? Check out these great business posts for inspiration and advice.



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