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Road Test – Melli Cosmetics Product Review

Melli cosmetics road test, review of liptick, gloss and velvet primer

I was sent the prettiest package from Melli cosmetics a few days ago. I did an un-boxing post, and this is the second part of the story: to trial and review the products. I am an extremely very fussy person when it comes to makeup up, I’ve had my own range, I’ve worked as an art director for a cosmetic company I’ve worked as a makeup artist. It takes a lot to knock my socks off with beauty products. Melli Cosmetics product impressed me with the packaging (that’s 50% of my review, because I have to love how a product sits on my dressing table) and the product formulation and ease of use (this is the other 50% – the products need to engage my senses as well as be high performance).

As much as I don't love putting my own image up, here it is with the products.
Me – wearing the Melli Velvet Primer, Luxe Lipstick in Naked and Gloss in Icon

Melli VELVET Silk Perfection Mousse Primer

Melli Cosmetics Velvet Primer
Melli Cosmetics Velvet Primer
VELVET Silk Perfection Mousse Primer Inside
VELVET Silk Perfection Mousse Primer Inside

I have been keen to try out the Melli VELVET Silk Perfection Mousse Primer $49 AUD RRP  for ages. The name makes it sound so silky and pillow soft. I used my finger, to take out the tiniest, blending over my nose, forehead and cheeks.It is said to absorb excess oil, which even though I am 48, I still get oily in my t-zone.

It’s hard to describe the texture. When you first touch it in the container it is almost bouncy to the touch. It feels silky from the silicone, and when I applied it to my face it spread easily and evenly.

There is no smell that I could detect and it is more of a matte finish that many primers on the market. I was comparing it to a Josie Moran primer, and the Melli is definitely a silk finish not shiny. It has way less mica than the Josie Moran.

The smoothing texture of VELVET Silk Perfection Mousse Primer filled my pores, made my fine lines and enlarged pores less obvious and my foundation (my old favourite L’Oreal True Match in N2) slid easily and blended out beautifully.

Melli Velvet Primer
Melli Velvet Primer $49 RRP

Through the day, the foundation stayed opaque for longer than it does without a primer. I am definitely going to add this Primer to my makeup routine.

Melli Cosmetics Luxe Lipstick in Naked

The next product I was desperate to try it the lipstick and I was in love the moment I applied it. If you are after the perfect nude semi matte, 100% opaque creamy lipstick, then the Melli Luxe Lipstick in Naked will fit the bill. I used my Harlotte Naked Pink Lipliner (the perfect colour for my lips and suits most nude lipsticks) and then applied the Melli Luxe Lipstick in Naked. Apart from the stunning packaging, which is hands down the prettiest, on trend rose gold tube around, the lipstick itself is a contemporary formulation that goes on matte without being drying to lips (i sometimes get cold sores if my lips are dry for a day so I ensure my lips are well moisturised and I also hate it when my lips get that flaky look as they do with a certain celebrity matte lip kit). I am wearing the Melli Luxe Lipstick in Naked in the photo above.

Mellie Luxe Lipstick in Naked
Mellie Luxe Lipstick in Naked

Melli Gloss In Icon

The final trial was the Melli Gloss in Icon. I was sent 2 other colour which are gorgeous (more like pink with gold, which I adore), but for today’s look I went with the peachy beige shimmer of Icon. I applied this over the the lipstick, to add some moisture, and the highly reflective formulation was the perfect colour to lift the middle of the lips. I have small lips so am always looking for ways to enhance them, and the combination of the Melli Gloss in Icon and the Luxe Lipstick was gorgeous. I don’t need any other colours. The combination of both the Gloss and the Luxe Lipstick are a nude, polished lip. I loved the Melli Gloss on it’s own, it’s sticky, not runny, so it lasts on the lip.

Melli Gloss Icon
Melli Gloss Icon

I am required by law and my own ethics, so I always disclose the status of my reviews. I was sent this product by the lovely Melissa of Melli, to review. My reviews are 100% honest. If I don’t like the product of agree with it’s philosophy I won’t write about it (Melli is cruelty free which I try to push for brands I review). The links to the products are not affiliate links (although I am no opposed to these), but these links are regular and I don’t benefit in any way for adding them as I an a fan of the fange after trying the products.

In the case of this range I am in love so far. As a pro-range for makeup artists this would be perfect for the natural but glamorous looks brides are looking for at the moment. There is a professional program, so check it out if you are a makeup artist. As a former makeup artist, the products are of a very high standard (the lipsticks are better than many of the larger professional ranges) I’d recommend the lipsticks and glosses for touch up products to leave with your bride and bridal party and the Velvet Primer would be perfect to ensure foundation longevity.

Melli Luxe Lipstick in Nake
Melli Luxe Lipstick in Naked
Melli Gloss in Icon
Melli Gloss in Icon

Try Melli products for yourself at as I think you’ll agree with my opinion.



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