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Melbourne Vintage Shopping – Day 1

Vintage Shopping at Circa Vintage Clothing Melbourne

(Melbourne vintage shopping – cover image courtesy of Nora Finds)

Eyes open slowly, blink… “Get up mum, now!”. Inwardly I groan. The energy of a 15-year-old. I schlep myself into the best shower ever, no water saving shower heads here. A real shower – did the trick. Found the shop to buy PT tickets (I was planning on using the PT MiKi card all day, no taxis or Ubers and enthusiastically hobbled onto a bus, to catch a train, to catch a tram and then walk, all in search of ultimate vintage nirvana unique pieces and chic bargains.

Melbourne is fashion mecca. Of course, there’s the obvious choice, Chapel Street in South Yarra with flagship stores to mainstream fashion labels such as Witchery, Top Shop, Toni Bianco, Saba, Seed and the like. But Melbourne offers more than just that. The city breathes fashion. And when wealthy fashionistas get bored of their wardrobe, they donate or consign their clothes, and those garments eventually end up in Melbourne vintage shopping stores. These stores form in little clusters, like those on Brunswick Street, which is where Charlie and I were headed after the QMV.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Australia
Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Australia

Coffee Deficit Avoided and Major Sugar Fix

I was absolutely deperate for my large morning latte. My need for caffeine was initially kept at bay with an espresso piccolo at the lovely house (thanks Mrs and Mrs Heppo) that is home for Easter. I was desperate for the pick-me-up and discovered I actually like espresso. I got my latte finally after a walk, bus and train trip, at the historic and famous QVM (Queen Victoria Market). I have to say I was disappointed by the market, apart from the great coffee and a Snickers Scroll (instant diabetes).

Snickers Cruffin
Snickers Cruffin (image Flickr)

Randomly, I did find a clip in hair piece for $40, that Charlie has since named “Felicity”. Since taking methotrexate for my arthritis, my hair has thinned so I was toying with the idea of a piece for special occasions. It is my usual hair colour, streaky blonde, not the pink/blush my tresses are currently.

We wandered around trying to like the markets, but it wasn’t what we wanted to be looking at and wasn’t particularly inspiring apart from the wig shop. I guess that we have been spoilt by the flea markets of Paris (god that sounds pretentious, but it is actually true – Puces d’Aligre was downstairs from our Paris apartment and so far nothing compares.

Our Adventures Melbourne Vintage Shopping

We managed to figure out how to catch a tram up Brunswick Street and got off at the beginning of the strip of vintage stores, which are plentiful and proved very fruitful.

Vintage stores Melbourne Brunswick
Melbourne Vintage Shopping in  Brunswick

Sass and Bide Bargain!

I picked up an absolute gem – KONNICHIWA KYOTO Long Sleeve Jumper for $38.50 and retailed originally for $370. The place was pumping with an eclectic mix of Melbourne’s savvy fashion set of all ages, shapes sizes and genders.

Route 66 Overalls for Charlie

Charlie found Route 66 overalls for $35, and several tops (for next to nothing) and an 80’s windcheater. It is a shame that so many of the sizes are 10, but that’s samples for you. Time to lay off the pizza and cakes.

Sass and Bide Vintage jumper just $38 found during Melbourne Vintage Shopping
Sass and Bide Vintage jumper just $38 found during Melbourne Vintage Shopping
Vintage Sole Clothing Brunswick Street
Vintage Sole Clothing Brunswick Street
Vintage Sole
Vintage Sole 258 Brunswick St


vintage shoes Brunswick Street

(source )

Hunter Gatherer 274 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Hunter Gatherer 274 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Screen Shot 2017 04 15 at 9.47.16 pm
Hunter Gatherer

You can find a complete list of Vintage stores, plus their respective reviews, on Google.  

The next leg of the day was to head for Chapel Street, South Yarra, as Charlie hadn’t been there. It’s was more interesting than the homogenised Westfield model, and despite mainly being mainstream labels it is still a fun shopping experience. In order to get there, we chickened out of public transport and opted for an Uber.

The driver was super dodgy, and took the longest possible route to South Yarra, not just wasting our time, but also a hefty fee as well. I got straight on the app, complained through the app, and was refunded so I only paid the quoted fare. Which is only fair. I love this about Uber. It’s just so easy. I haven’t caught a taxi since my card was skimmed by a driver last year.

Chapel Street, South Yarra – Heaven on Earth

Cue angel music. This is designer heaven. Fashion, graphic and interior design is in the DNA of this strip. Because of my knee we only did half of one side of the street but managed to slip in lunch (3 pm).

Caffe E Cucina

which was the authentic experience with home-made pasta, simple but beautiful flavours and paired with a glass of mummy’s little helper, Pinot Grigio. It was a bit on thepricey side, but the service was fantastic, food beautiful and the Italian waiters made me feel 30 again with a shower of flattery.

Caffe E Cucina
Caffe E Cucina
Authentically italian
Authentically italian
This is where we sat in Caffe E Cucina
This is where we sat in Caffe E Cucina
Charlie chowing down on her Spaghetti a la vongole
Charlie chowing down on her Spaghetti a la vongole

After a brief interlude, we resumed our mission but with less gusto than the morning. Charlie fell in love with an Alice McCal lace jumpsuit which is pretty darn fabulous and I’m going to sell my Oroton Handbags online to pay for it. [note: Sold my Oroton Handbag later and it sold for 10% of what I paid. – bugger).

I found a pop-up store that was popping down with tops for $15, so I hit the changerooms and love everything. Winter wardrobe, done and dusted. Found my cape too! I got a pleather jacket in palest peach/a satin coat dress for $15, a blush/peach frill top for $15, a floral applique sheet white top for $35 and a soft grey cape for $69. Charlie found a dress for $35 and it was gorgeous on her.

Our last challenge was getting home. We found the first tram stop and we had to sit next to a bunch of drunk idiots that made Charlie and I both really uncomfortable, so we were relieved once we got off. I made an executive decision that we needed to Uber back to our sanctuary rather than more weirdos on public transport. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good nutter on public transport, but these guys were crackheads and I was very uncomfortable with them being around my teen daughter.

I never remember Melbourne being like this. The Brunwick Street I remember was a bit more alternative, optimistic and alive. Today it seemed a little jaded and faded from what I remember. We are off to the city tomorrow, so will keep you posted on the centre of Melbourne.

Hope the Easter bunny gets you all the chocolates you can eat!

For day 2 of our visiting Melbourne adventures – click here…





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