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Making Money From Your Blog Without Losing Your Credibility

Make money from your blog

Blogging has fast become a digital career that so many people are embracing these days, and this is only a good thing. It is enabling many people to make money from home, and to share the things they love and feel passionate about. However, with many people wanting to monetise their blog once they gain a decent readership and are popular online, it can often mean that those bloggers just do anything to earn a quick buck or two. But you don’t have to be that way. Here are some of the ways that you can make money from your blog without losing your credibility, your style and still being able to love what you do.

Be clever with the ads you have on your blog

A great way to earn a little extra from your blog is to have adverts and pay per click options on there. These can be generated with software programmes such as Google Ads and because of this, they can be tailored to your blog readers recent google searches and things that interest them. But you could also consider using PPCnerd automation scripts to help manage these campaigns and make them more effective, for you and your blog readers. This could enable you to have less ads on view, but have them still working just as heard in terms of being attractive to the reader.

Choose who you work with and what you talk about

Once your domain authority rises and your blog becomes well known, you will find that your inbox becomes flooded with requests to work with you. Which is only a good thing. But, this is where you need to be careful. You will have worked so hard to build up a readership and have a following that trusts you. Don’t just work with any company. Think about what your blog stands for, what you talk about and what would fit well. When it comes to products ask yourself whether this is something that you would use?

Value your time and don’t sell yourself short

People tend to have an impression that writing a review on a blog or creating an article for seo purposes is easy, when in fact there is a lot of work that goes into it. There is the time to write and research the content, the time it takes to create decent images, and then there is the promotion. Make sure you value your time and don’t sell yourself short.

Spend time creating blog content that isn’t sponsored

Finally, once you do get opportunities it is tempting to then fill your blog feed with sponsored content or product reviews, but don’t forget that readers are still invested in you. Spend time creating content that isn’t sponsored or for advertising purposes. Life updates, products you love that are not gifted, the things that youa have been up to. It is the normal content that keeps a blog interesting and entices people to come back and keep reading. Don’t forget that.

Let’s hope highlighting some of these things will have you getting the best of both worlds when it comes to your blog.



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