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Makeup Tips For 2020

Makeup Tips For 2020

Makeup is a great way to express emotion and find your style. It is a wonderful way to enhance your natural beauty and show off your assets, and many of us apply makeup every single day. 

However, even though a lot of us use makeup every day of our lives, a lot of us don’t know how to get the most of of this beauty tool. Today this is going to change and we are going to take a look at makeup a little more closely and help you make use out of your makeup in the best way today. 

Choose the primer for your foundation 

There are many different types of foundation, and also many types of primer. One of the important things you need to consider when choosing a primer is to pick one that is right for your skin and the look you are going for. There are primers that cover blemishes, ones that brighten the eyes, and ones that minimise pores. This is a crucial decision to go under the foundation and will set off the whole dish. 

Say goodbye to crows feet 

If you want to get rid of crow’s feet around your eyes, apply some primer to the area before foundation and then apply powder on top and the appearance of this feature will be minimised massively.

Choose the right foundation for you 

Some of us love that full coverage airbrushed look, and some of use prefer something sheer. Before you buy a foundation you need to choose one that suits your personal style. Make sure to patch test it first.

Avoid Peach Fuzz

When applying makeup the last thing you want is to see lots of peach fuzz on your face. To avoid this common issue you should always apply foundation in downward strokes and gently buff it out. 

The magic triangle 

After applying foundation most of us look to brighten the face with some concealer. However, sometimes we don’t manage to apply the concealer in the best possible way. To create a bright and youthful look, make sure to extend your application from a line under the eyes to a triangle extending to the sides of the nose. Once smoothed out this will provide a wonderful bright look. 

Colour Correcting 

Colour correcting is something that can be useful in makeup to cover a myriad of flaws. For example if you have redness in the face you would add green colour corrector underneath your foundation. If your eyes are dark and yellow, you should apply purple colour corrector. If you happen to be out of colour corrector or simply don’t have a pallette, just mix the right colour eyeshadow with some concealer and apply before your foundation. 

Last minute dash 

If you are ever in a rush heading out of the house and don’t have time to apply a full face of makeup, you simply need to conceal the 3 main areas. These are under the eyes, around the nose, and the chin. Once you have done this you are good to go! 

Get organised 

The last thing you want to do in the morning while half asleep is applying the wrong shade of foundation for the time of year, or even the wrong bronzer. Make sure you organise your makeup with a cosmetics organiser and you will never face this common faux pas!

Choose The Right Brush

Makeup application depends largely on the tools you use, and using the right brush is crucial for a good result. Be sure to choose the right size and shape brush for the task you are performing for example using the fluffiest brush you can find to apply powder.

Blush Under Foundation

There seems to be a universal idea of what order to apply makeup, and many of us unconsciously stick to this every day. But did you know that you can change things around once in a while? One of the things that can be swapped is foundation and blush. By applying blush before foundation you’ll create the illusion of glowing from within without it seeming artificial. 

Use tissue to blot oil 

If you are someone who has very oily skin, you will want to blot it away throughout the day to prevent your makeup from melting. An easy way to do this is simply blotting a small amount of tissue onto it. It shouldn’t take off your makeup and will allow you to keep that matte look all day long.

Less is more 

As a culture we have got into the idea that more is better when applying makeup but this is not the case. When it comes down to it, you are using makeup to enhance your natural beauty, not to change your whole face. Use as little as you possibly can and keep it to a minimum with the shimmer! 

Apply in triangles 

As well as using a triangle formation for the application of concealer, this can also be used for bronzer. When applying bronzer it is a great idea to create an inverted triangle starting at the edge of the face and into the hollow of the cheeks. This creates a softer line and a more natural look.

DIY Bronzer

DIY bronzer can be a fun addition to any of your looks. If you fancy trying something new and natural you can make your own bronzer from ingredients in the kitchen! Use cinnamon, cocoa powder and cornstarch to create a matte bronzer that smells amazing! 

Feathery Strokes

When applying makeup it is important to keep your strokes delicate and feathery. This goes from the belonging of eyeshadow all the way to the application of an eyebrow pencil to create soft and beautiful strokes that look and feel natural. 

Instant Eye Lift

Let’s face it: most of us feel lethargic and tired now and again and this can translate to our face with dark circles. For an instant lift to your face you can place some ice cubes under the eyes for 1-2 minutes and then apply your makeup as normal. This will brighten the eyes by bringing colour back to the space! 



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