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Five Worthwhile Things to Invest Time into This Year

Five Worthwhile Things to Invest Time into This Year

The start of a new year means a chance for positive change, to embrace new opportunities and make sure that your life is on the right path. But instead of making silly, hard to keep resolutions- why not focus on general areas of your life that will bring you the most happiness? Here are some ideas.


Living healthily doesn’t need to mean hitting the gym every night after work and surviving on salads. It can be incredibly rewarding, fun and enjoyable. Learn how to cook and make healthy versions of your favourite meals. Take up a new active hobby like a sport or a dance class. Make time for relaxation too, so many of this see this a luxury rather than vital for health but it really is. Spa days, hot bubble baths, yoga and meditation are all examples of ways you can go about it. 


Money can be difficult to deal with, most of us feel like we don’t have enough and life can be a struggle when you can’t make ends meet. One of the best things you can do is find ways you can make extra money in your free time. From renting out a spare room or signing up to airbnb (companies like OptiNest can help with this) to starting a blog or Youtube channel or doing some freelance work. If you’re in debt, speak to a debt agency or charity who can advise you of the next steps to take. 


Spending time with loved ones is good for the soul. If you don’t meet up with friends and family often enough, do what you can to change this. It can be tricky to arrange dates around everyone’s busy schedules but do what you can, if you can’t sort out a day and time for group meets then go and see people individually which can be a bit easier to organise. 


Work is an important part of all of our lives, it takes up a huge portion of our days and so if you’re not happy here then it’s kind of a big deal. Admittedly, few people get up on a Monday morning and jump for joy about going to work, but if you absolutely hate what you do then it’s a big issue. Have a think about what your next steps should be, can you work your way up in the company? Can you retrain or go back to university to get another job? Maybe you could escape the rat race and start your own company?


Travel is never a waste of time or money, it adds so much value to your life and makes you wiser, smarter and happier. If you get the chance to travel then always go for it, from backpacking to road trips, days out, volunteering- all of these things will be valuable to you. 

How will you be investing your time this year?



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