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Luxury Home Design Ideas

luxury home exterior

Having a luxury home inside and out can be a challenge to accomplish. People assume only the super rich are able to achieve this level of luxury, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. There are a lot of modern interior and exterior designs that give off a luxurious feel without having to pay through the nose for the expensive materials. But a lot of people have different views about what luxury means, which is fine as there are so many different styles that fall under the category. You just need to find the style that suits you and source the materials. If you’re already settled in a home then it might be time for a complete renovation, or it might be easier to just move home altogether. Whatever your choice, let this article give you some ideas of what luxury in a home truly means in a few different styles.

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Luxury Home Exterior

Let’s start with the first thing you’ll see when you look at a home, the exterior. There are so many different exterior designs, ones we commonly see and some that are completely unique. But the outside is definitely the first thing that catches people’s attention. A lovely design that seems to be popular at the minute is the glass panelled open look. Yes it’s a little expensive, but it looks so luxurious. The best place to have a luxury home so open planned would be higher up to give you those stunning views. People either opt for large glass panels, or an even more unique design is thinner panels. It brings in so much natural light into the luxury home, which if it is open plan if it will look amazing no matter what time of the year it is. The only downside to this design is the lack of privacy. But, if you want the design you will find ways of overcoming this. Rather than having your traditional folding curtains, you could install electric curtains to make it a little bit easier. In a way it does offer a bit of safety as well as you can see from all angles who may be approaching the house.

Luxury Home Barn conversions

These are another popular design this year. That rustic feel is what really makes it luxurious. The location is always going to be beautiful as well. They’re generally one story but really long, most of the time in a sort of L or box shape without actually joining which leaves a lovely area for a front courtyard. The beauty of a barn conversion is you will have tonnes of space to play with. The wooden panels can be renovated to have new panels put in, although it is popular to just touch up the previous panels.  Again, barn designs are usually really open plans, this seems to be the most popular design of the year. Again, putting in some of the full length window panels on some areas of the conversion is lovely, perhaps the kitchen. It showcases to people what you’ve achieved by converting the barn. They generally offer a tonne of space inside as well.

The next idea of luxury is obviously the beach house look. To some people, nothing is more luxurious than watching the sun go down from their porch. Or being able to walk 5ft and have the sand in their toes. But it’s the design of a beach house that makes it so lovely. There are two ways you can go with this. The first being the more rustic look, sort of like with the barn conversion. The pearly white wooden panels and the cute small square windows are just a different kind of luxury altogether. Yes, it might be a more simple look, but the house has a lot more character. They’re usually set back a bit and raised just in case the seal level does rise. But that only adds to the statement of the house. Everything on the home is usually wooden which gives it a more natural feel. The porch is usually rather large and makes for a great place to socialise, or even just to relax and watch the world on the beach go by. If you’re lucky to add a bit of comfort to your luxury, you could put a hammock or a swinging sofa bench on the porch. It’ll allow you to laze the days away in style.

Next is the more modern out there beach house design. Usually what the most rich and famous go for. Again, the house will usually have a huge decking area, but with brown oak wood rather than a rustic older one. Because of the incredible views the location offers, at least the upper floor of a more modern design is filled with the full length wide windows to give that complete view of the beach, and why wouldn’t you. Nothing would be more perfect than being able to sit up in bed and watch the sun rise. Some of them push the boat out slightly and go for a pool at the front of the house and make it and infinity one, almost replicating the look of the sea. There’s usually a lot of space front and back with a beach house and again, they’re generally high rise which offers even better views.

Luxury Home Interior

The interior to most people is the main event. It is where you can showcase what your idea of true luxury is. There’s so much technology and beautiful furniture to add that’ll really give you the edge over other homes. So first let’s start with technology. Technology has the power to make your home amazing. The first is a mixture of design and technology, a cinema room. People only associate them with the rich and famous, but anyone with a bit of spare cash can easily transform a spare room into the room of dreams. It offers a comfy escape like no other room can. Unlike the uncomfy cinema chairs we all hate, you can kit your room out with the comfiest sofas. It is a great room if you have children as well for them and their friends to hang out where you won’t hear them.

The next bit of incredible tech is a piece of equipment you can use to control your whole home. So many big homes have them now, although they were once thought to be, again, only for the super rich. But once installed it has so many benefits. What we’re talking about here is an automation system. The power to control lights, sound, TV’s, and many more from control pads dotted around the house. It’ll literally be wired up to anything you want it to be. It is the perfect mix of luxury and laziness. If it has taken your interest then click here for more info. It isn’t that expensive to install either, and to be honest, in the long run it can actually help to save you a fair bit of money. If your home is large your bills will most likely be the same, you’ll want to cut costs a bit wherever you can.

The next thing we need to discuss is the actual design of the interior. Open plan as we said is a must, but what materials do you use to create a luxury home? Well a really luxurious idea is the marble look. It will dig into your pocket slightly, but the effect it has is incredible. If you want to save a little money, you could have just the worktops and counters as marble, preferably white, and have the floor as just white marble look tiles. It is advised to get some underfloor heating if you can as the floor can get terribly cold during the winter. If you’re going all white, the best thing you can do to set it off is have your furniture as grey or black. The contrast between the two colours looks absolutely incredible. The wallpaper or paint should also follow the theme. A light grey feature wall will look perfect. Too much white will just kill the room, there needs to be at least one feature wall, except for in the kitchen.

In a luxury home you need to think about the bedroom, one of the most important rooms to anybody. A really beautiful interior design look for a bedroom at the moment is the Hygge look. Originating from the Danish, it follows a more simplistic yet contemporary design. Something that will really suit a bedroom. It’s best to follow a wooden look if you want to really embrace Hygge. Fill the space with natural objects and have all walls white. The white against the natural wooden furniture will look amazing. The main thing you need to do is just try to keep things neutral and simplistic.

There’s a few ideas of what luxury can mean inside and out to different people. There are plenty more designs out there to explore, but hopefully this article has inspired you to try on of the above. If you have your own idea of luxury, please share below!



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