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Ivadore: Natural, Organic, beautiful – Un-boxing

Ivadore Organic Skin Care 7 Day Discovery Pack

This morning’s lovely delivery is a collection of natural skin care and cosmetics called Ivadore. Ivadore is designed for variety of skin types. They have sent me the 7 day discovery pack for mature, dull, dry or tired skin (pictured above).

what's in the box??
what’s in the box??

Ivadore ‘Unearth’ Vitamin C Gel Cleanser

Ivadore Unearthed Vitamin C Gel Cleanser
Ivadore Unearthed Vitamin C Gel Cleanser – natural skin care

Key Ingredients: Jujuba Extract, Decyl Glucoside, Soapwort Extract, Organic Camellia Seed Oil, Nettle Extract, Organic Calendula Flower Extract, Canadian Willow Herb,  Orange Oil.

A light gel cleanser with soothing and uplifting properties from Organic Camellia Seed Oil, Jujuba Extract, Organic Calendula Flower Extract and Orange Oil. This natural cleanser will gently remove impurities while soothing dry, irritated or blemished skin leaving your face clean and refreshed.” – from

Body Combat body scrub

Body Combat is ‘more than just a scrub’
Body Combat is ‘more than just a scrub’

More than just a scrub, Body Combat is a natural skin care product, with a dual action product that gently exfoliates the skin and it moisturises and repairs the skin. This is said to reduce the appearance of cellulite and may ease the symptoms of skin conditions such as Eczema.

Key Ingredients: polished Coconut Shells, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Rice Powder, Fig Extract and Coffee Arabica Seed Oil. It’s Fresh uplifting aroma is thanks to Italian Orange Oil.

Organic Tanning Treatment “More Than Just A Tan”

Ivadore's Organic Tanning Treatment
Ivadore’s Organic Tanning Treatment 

Featured In New Idea Magazine As “A Natural Tan That Really Works”

Ivadore’s Award Winning ultra antioxidant formulation has been designed to give an even, sun-kissed looking tan all while helping to fight the ageing process and keep the skin toned, hydrated and youthful.

Age Defying Natural Mineral Powder

Age Defying Natural Mineral Powder with Kabuki Brush
Age Defying Natural Mineral Powder with Kabuki Brush

Ivadore’s age-defying, 3 in 1 mineral powder has been designed to give a flawless finish without clogging pores. The formula is full of natural ingredients to help to fight free radicals, even skin tones and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Stay tuned, I will be doing a road test soon!



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