Improving Your Back Health

Backache is a very common problem. Many of us face periods of lower back pain or burning between our shoulder blades. We struggle to bend over or to carry heavy things. We can’t get out of bed in the morning without moaning and groaning, and we find that we are permanently uncomfortable. This can be anything from a minor ache or discomfort, to debilitating pain that means we need to take time off work and stop enjoying our lives.

A healthy back means a healthy life.
A healthy back means a healthy life.

But, unfortunately, many of us also mistakenly think that this is just something we have to put up with. That it’s because of poor posture that it’s too late to do anything about or just one of those annoying side effects of age. This isn’t often the case. Sometimes, you’ll need to make a dramatic change, like breast reduction surgery by Dr Jane Paterson, but in other cases, making a few simple changes can improve your back health dramatically.

Improve Your Core Strength

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One of the most common reasons for backache is poor posture. Many of us walk around with heavy bags on our shoulders, slouching. We sit in slouchy positions on our sofas. But, when you’ve been slumping for a long time, standing and sitting straight isn’t easy. In fact, it can be horribly uncomfortable and lead to more significant pain.

To make things easier, improve your core strength. Start walking more or trying cardio exercises like running. But, focus on your core muscles around your stomach and back. Swimming is an excellent exercise for this. Pilates and weights can also help.

Check Your Posture

Check your posture for a healthy back
Check your posture for a healthy back

The problem with posture is that your back gets used to it. So, even when you’ve improved your core strength, and you’re making an effort to sit and stand straight, you might find that you return to old positions without noticing. Throughout the day, stop and check yourself. Take the time to assess your posture and make corrections, and soon your back will get used to its new position.

Change Your Mattress

Back health can be the result of a qulaity mattrss. A good night's sleep is important to wellbeing
Poor back health can be the result of a bad quality or old mattress. A good night’s sleep is important to well-being

Another cause of back trouble is your sleep position. An old, uncomfortable mattress can mean that you wake up with aches and pains, as your body is working much harder than it should be while you are asleep. Too soft a mattress can also mean that you are sleeping in a poor position that can hurt your back. Make sure you are changing your mattress every eight years and try something a little firmer for more support. You should also make sure your pillows are offering your neck the support that it needs overnight.

Get a Massage

Whatever the cause of your back pain, a massage can help boost circulation to the area, while easing stress and tension and helping you feel better.

maintaining muscle tone in the core and back can help alleviate back pain
maintaining muscle tone in the core and back can help alleviate back pain

Over time, back pain can cause depression or more severe health conditions. It can also lead to weight gain or low self-confidence. It can mean that you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, or that you can’t do the things that you used to enjoy. So, don’t just put up with it. Make some changes today.


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