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How & Why: Improving Your Digestion Changes Your Life

How & Why: Improving Your Digestion Changes Your Life
Most of our problems could be solved if we were able to absorb our meals, water and calm our chemical soup that lives in our gut.

The thing that bothers us most about our health, is not being able to adapt quickly. When we decide to go on a diet, it takes a long time for our bodies to adapt to this new challenge. Our bodies react in a way that makes us want to quit working out and living healthier lives. We feel more pain than we normally do in our day to day lifestyle. We also feel more hungry because we have suddenly stopped our normal caloric intake. We also feel more tired and thus, our moods begin to slump too. Most of our problems could be solved if we were able to absorb our meals, water and calm our chemical soup that lives in our gut.

Eat actual food!

For the love of the food Gods, eat real food! Don’t you dare pick up processed foods while at the supermarket? Everything you consume must be natural and fresh. So start buying fresh vegetables and fruits. Start buying raw meat and learn how to cook your favorite recipes. You should start to see a remarkable difference. 

  • Your skin will become clearer and less prone to spots
  • You will feel lighter. Yes, you will actually feel less bloated and less sluggish
  • You will feel like you have long-term energy, and don’t need to constantly snack during the day

Real food is something that we have lost touch within our society. It’s so easy to just buy a meal that you can freeze or slap into the microwave. But it will only fill you up, not make you healthier. Real food will also be a lot less challenging to digest and for your liver to process. We have evolved this way, and you’re simply returning to normal.

Get lots of fiber

Fiber is the number one solution for guts with troubles. The fiber will give your intestine a much-needed boost of vitality, vitamins, minerals and chemical balance. Fiber is a probiotic, which adds to your friendly gut bacteria. You need this because your walls are constantly challenged by food that is being digested, chemicals from your stomach and the natural muscle contractions. Fiber isn’t just found in granola! You can find it in nuts, bran flakes, just about every vegetable and some wheat snacks like flapjacks.

Get a test

Sometimes we just need to know where we stand. So getting a gut microbial test from a company like Therapy Works that can perform a test in-person, would greatly help your cause. The test results will be sent to you or you can come into the clinic to have a chat about them. They work to show you whether there are some deficiencies, positives or some things you need to improve to coincide with your diet. They will make suggestions for your diet, such as adding food or perhaps taking some foods away.

So many things can be solved just by having good gut health. It brings balance to our bodies and lots of benefits to our mental health. Start by eating real food and cutting processed products from your life.



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