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How To Prepare For A Long Haul Flight

How To Prepare For A Long Haul Flight
When flying for over 6 hours, this is classed as a long haul flight. Being stuck in a plane for over 6 hours is not most people’s idea of fun, which is why you should get prepared and make the journey as easy and stress-free for you as possible.

Do you have to travel to work a lot? Or are you due on holiday / going to book one? A long haul flight can be taxing, however, the excitement of arriving at your new destination is what makes it exciting. When flying for over 6 hours, this is classed as a long haul flight. Being stuck in a plane for over 6 hours is not most people’s idea of fun, which is why you should get prepared and make the journey as easy and stress-free for you as possible. Whether you are looking for cities to visit in Australia, a beach break in Barbados, or a skiing trip in the Alps, these top tips will make your journey lot more enjoyable. Below is our guide on preparing for a long-haul flight.

Have you packed your headphones?

Let face it; there is nothing worse than sitting back on a plane, ready to listen to your music only to notice you haven’t brought your headphones with you. Now, what are you going to do for the duration of the flight? Most good airlines offer you some of their own however the quality of these isn’t very good. Bringing your own headphones also help throughout your vacation meaning you can listen to music when you are at the beach to relaxing in your hotel room. 

Have you reserved a good seat?

Do you need extra legroom? Do you have a preferred section of the plane? Or are you happy to leave it to chance? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when booking your flights and reserving your seat. If you are not fussy, you can leave it to chance; however, this could mean you spend a 10-hour flight stuck at the back of the plane.

Keep yourself hydrated

Being on a plane for a substantial amount of time can cause dehydration. This is why it is important to sip water regularly and drink less alcoholic drinks, as these can dehydrate you. It can be tempting to indulge in one or two (especially if you’re off on holiday!) but don’t go overboard. Some planes have liquid restrictions, so make sure you check this before boarding your plane. If so, ask the cabin crew for a bottle whenever they come round. Because a flight is a very dry place, it may be worth considering bringing some moisturizer to use throughout your journey.

Bring your own snacks

Plane food has got a lot better from what it used to be; however, it is still reheated and not as good as a fresh meal at home. Plus, plane food is always brought round at set times throughout the journey, so depending on the time zones you are traveling through, your meal could be at a strange time. To stop yourself from getting hungry, it’s always worth bringing a few of your own snacks onboard, which you can enjoy during your flights. Maybe a bag of sweet cereal bars? Whatever you enjoy eating when you are at home. Just make sure you check you are allowed to bring them on board before flying.

Are you prepared to sleep on the plane journey?

Have you got your travel pillow packed? If not, make sure you do. On most long haul flights, you will be traveling during different time zones, meaning you may need to get some sleep at one point. At the best of times, a plane is not the comfiest place to sleep (Unless you upgrade to first class), so bring what you can to make it that little easier. A good travel pillow will help support your neck and allow you a nicer sleep than your jumper rolled up on the corner of your seat. If you know you will want to sleep, choosing a window seat may help as you will have something to lean on. Plus, depending on the airplane, small pillows and blankets will be provided to help.

Make sure you are wearing something comfortable

Comfortable clothing is key to surviving a long-haul flight! Unless you are traveling business class, make sure you bring something relaxing and can be worn for many hours. A plane isn’t the most luxurious place you will be, so tracksuit bottoms are allowed and a nice baggy jumper on top. Make sure you have a comfy and practical pair of trainers on as well as a pair of slippers that you can change into when on the flight. Compression socks should also be worn if your flight is for a long time as they can prevent swelling in your legs. Here is a guide on how to buy the best compression socks.

Whether you’re going away on holiday or a business trip, the above six points will help make your journey that little easier and if forgot a lot harder (especially if you forget your headphones).  



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