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How to Make Your House Easier to Sell

How to Make Your House Easier to Sell

If you are determined to move house this year, but don’t seem like things are getting in motion, you might want to make some changes to the presentation of your home, so it impresses your target buyers. When you have limited time, you don’t want to start building an extension or renovating the kitchen and bathroom. Focus on the below areas and you will be set for sale.


A cosy lounge room nook can make all the difference
A cosy lounge room nook can make all the difference

Simple decorating can make a huge change. Don’t leave your fingerprints everywhere, and your style might not match the taste of your prospective buyers. When trying to sell a home, opt for natural colors to act as a blank canvas, still create a contrast of two or three colors and shades, but stay neutral. Beige and black and white, Magnolia are recommended, and you should avoid any bright and loud colors.


You need to make use of your storage facilities, attic, or shed, so you don’t show your personal belongings off when the viewers appear. Less is more, and having fewer furniture and clutter in the home will make it look much bigger and brighter at the same time. Get rid of everything that you are not using every day, and see how much more impressive your space becomes. It might be time to hold that yard sale, after all.


How to Make Your House Easier to Sell
How to Make Your House Easier to Sell

The outdoors are just as important as the interior. If your garden looks like hard work, some of the older or busy professional buyers might give your house a miss. Put your landscaping skills to good use, and create an easy maintenance garden. If you have loose paving stones, it might be time to relay the patio, and if your fence needs replacing or fixing, do it now. Choose the most suitable fencing designs to suit your home that are both sturdy and decorative.  

Curb Appeal

Image via Wynand van Poortvliet

The front of the house is one of the most important areas you should focus on. Just imagine that you are the buyer and pull up in front of the house. You will check out if the gutters and fascias are in a good condition, if the roof is solid, and the front garden is organized. First impressions matter, and you can quickly improve your home’s curb appeal by adding a few potted plants and painting the doors and windows.


Today’s buyers simply want more security than ever before. If the people looking at your house have small kids, they will want a secure front and back garden. They will also want flood lights and a remote controlled garage, so they can keep their car safe. These additions will not cost you a lot of money; you can install a front gate on a budget, but will make your home much more appealing to buyers.

If you are having trouble getting your house sold, it might be time to make some small changes that will make it more impressive. Use the above tips to present your home in the best light, focusing on your potential buyers’ specific needs.



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