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How To Cut Down Your Spending (Without Cutting Down Your Shopping)

If you’re a shopping lover, you’ll know how hard it is to cut down on your spending. Sure, you try to avoid going near department stores as much as you can, but you feel an undeniable magnetic pull, and before you know it, you’re dropping all of that new makeup into your basket and getting dangerously near to the checkout. Cutting back on shopping can seem like hell. However, there are many ways to cut back on your spending, whilst still purchasing yourself some new stuff. ‘What is this witchcraft?’ you cry.

We’ve put together some simple ideas, to help you to save!

Say hello to the sale rail

Many people feel a little bit turned off at the idea of going through loads of miscellaneous clothes, trying to find things that fit them, and that they actually like. Sales do have that potential to be a bit of a free-for-all, but you can actually find some hidden gems in here, at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes, all you need if you’re going to save yourself a bit of cash is the willingness to do a little bit of searching. Something may be on the sale rail because it is the last item in that size, and that size may just be yours. Luckily, most stores now arrange sale items by size, which can save you a lot of time just looking through clothes that aren’t suitable for you.

Make a budget

  Give yourself a set budget for treating yourself, and try not to go over it
Give yourself a set budget for treating yourself, and try not to go over it

Just like you would budget for any other part of your life, having a budget for shopping each month is a pretty good idea. Not only will this be welcome news for your finances, but it will also help you to think twice about whether you really want an item, before you hand over the money at the checkout. Sometimes, you buy something on a whim, and then later decide that you’re not really into it. Give yourself a set budget for treating yourself, and try not to go over it. You’ll really start to see that you’ve reduced your spending dramatically, whilst still getting the clothes that you’ve been eyeing up all month. Be strict with yourself!

Look out for deals

If you’re going to be a little bit more money-savvy, you need to keep an eye on the deals that are around. Sometimes, a clothing store will have massive sales on, and it’s better to shop during a time when the items won’t be full price. There are also sites like WOW Freebies that can help you to secure some cheap (or free) clothes, perhaps for the purposes of reviewing them. Sometimes, companies are looking for people to try out their cosmetics, and leave their thoughts underneath the products on their website. This is a great way for you to get your hands on something for free, and you’ll probably encounter a lot of this if you’re a blogger!

Search for some discount codes

The internet is a great place, especially for those looking to save themselves a bit of cash. Not only do clothes sites allow you to look at the sales in the way that you want to (filter: black clothes, please) but you can also find some really great discount codes, too. If you’re a student, you can probably get these with your student card, but if not, there are still plenty of choices out there. From Chrome plugins that automatically apply discount codes for you (hallelujah) to sites that list the best ones down, there are plenty of ways to save yourself some cash, whilst still getting all of the things that you want.

Check out eBay and Depop

Sites like eBay, and apps like Depop, are great tools to utilize if you want to bag yourself a bargain. This is particularly true if you’re looking for designer brands, but you’re not looking to splash the cash on them. Sometimes, people sell things after only wearing them once, and finding out that they are not actually their size. You can get a real steal on some of these sites, so make sure you check out a few of your options before you splash out. eBay’s auction feature is also brilliant for getting things at a great price, so add some things to your watch list, and get bidding!

So, if you’re looking to save yourself a bit of cash, why not try out these simple tips? You’ll be glad that you did when you have all of those items that you want, without the hefty price tag that comes with them!



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