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How To Actually Deal With Your Life Admin List


Are you the kind of person that puts off dealing with mail because it looks admin related? What about paying bills when you get the reminder, just because you forget and there are so many to have to deal with? The life admin struggle is real. In fact, in research around this topic, it was found that the average person had thirteen outstanding tasks on their life admin to-do list. Two in three people feel like the list is never ending, and over 75% of people feel some kind of dread towards these tasks, which let’s face it, is quite a lot of people. 

These kinds of things are a fact of life, and aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So what are the best ways of dealing with them? From paying bills to sorting out wills, today’s post is all about life admin and what you can do to make the process easier. If you want to be one of the 25% of people that don’t dread it all, then read on.

  • Set deadlines: if you give yourself a deadline for getting something done, with both start and end deadlines, then it will not only prevent the task from being delayed, but also help to avoid any pressure when you are trying to get something done but the deadline is looming.
  • Prioritise tasks: it can be so easy to just do the tasks that are quick and easy, and put off the ones that are boring or will take a long time. But there are some things that will need to be done before other things, long winded or not. So look what needs to be paid first, or look what needs to be sorted first, and then go from there.
  • Delegate what you can: If you need to ask someone for help, or have children or a partner than can get stuck in, then make sure that you ask for help and delegate things out to them. This can mean less on your list, so hopefully, much less stress.
  • Daily check-in: it is a good idea to do a bit of a check-in with yourself each evening. It could just be the case of remembering who emailed you today or who spoke to you and asked you to do something. List the things that you may have forgotten about, and then it is off your mind before you go to bed. Not only does it help you to remember what to do, but it hopefully means better sleep too. 
  • Plan ahead: planning your days ahead of time is one of the best ways to make sure that you get done all that you need to. It could just be writing a list of things to do before you go to bed, so you know what the plan is for the next day. All of it is important, so make sure that you do plan ahead; you’ll get that feeling of satisfaction of ticking things off your list when you’re done.



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