Home Design for the Beauty Addict

Home Design for the Beauty Addict

Now, you may not have ever thought to associate home design with beauty. These two parts of your life are rarely used in the same sentence. But at the end of the day, there are a whole number of ways that the structure and design of your property can affect your personal appearance. Whether this is due to how it affects your general health and wellbeing (which can have a profound impact on your physical appearance) or how it allows you to carry out your beauty regime. No matter how many glasses of water you may drink, no matter how much you spend on skincare products, and no matter what brand makeup you use, you won’t be able to reach your full beauty potential without incorporating some of these different designs into your home!

Natural Light

Now, we tend to receive a whole lot of conflicting information when it comes to the sun’s rays and the effects they can have on our skin. Most of us tend to completely avoid the sun in order to avoid the detrimental effects of sun damage, such as sun spots, burning, and premature ageing. While most of us tend to take more heed of this in sunnier, hotter months or locations, it’s important that we bear this information year round. However, while you should avoid direct sunlight without sun protection, you still want to ensure that you get a certain amount of natural light in your day to day routine. Natural light is a major regulating factor in every person’s sleep-wake cycle. If we live as close to natural light patterns as possible, we will be able to nod off earlier at night and rise early in the morning at dawn. This improvement in the way that we sleep can have intense health benefits that will show on your face. Too little sleep can cause dehydrated skin, which often leads to redness and breakouts. It can also cause dark circles and puffiness. So, you need to get as much natural light in your home as possible! The best way to achieve this? Building your property from scratch. Look for low house package prices that will allow you to create a property with large windows, French doors, and skylights galore!

home design for the beauty addict
home design for the beauty addict


Very few of us consider how the air quality in our homes can affect us. We tend to take breathing for granted and assume that any air is good air. But this isn’t necessarily true – especially in major cities and built up areas where human activity produces excessive air pollution. At the end of the day, the purer the air we breathe, the healthier we will be and the more glowing our skin will appear. Proper ventilation can greatly improve the air quality in your home. So, have ventilation systems built in. Alternatively, you can incorporate a lot of houseplants into your home design, as these are a more natural and low cost system.

While you may not have considered how home design could affect your physical appearance before, it’s something that you should definitely bear in mind now!



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