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Express Feel Good Remedies For Your Bad Days

Express Feel Good Remedies For Your Bad Days

Everything that happened today went wrong.

You didn’t hear the alarm clock and were late to work.

You accidentally dropped coffee on your favourite white shirt.

You completely screwed that important meeting you were looking forward to.

In short, you feel like there a mean little black cloud that has decided to rain on top of you all day. It’s time to drain your rainy cloud with happiness: Feel good ideas for when there’s no time to waste.  

Reward yourself

Leave your worries at work, or at home, and head to the shopping mall. Shopping gives you a boost of self-esteem and happiness when you need it most. This could be the time of the week when you decide to do something nice for you. But more importantly, buying clothes is exciting as you can use it as a symbol of who you want to be. You project your self-image through your shopping choices, and consequently, you can take control over your self-perception.

Let go of your worries

Express Feel Good Remedies For Your Bad Days
Express Feel Good Remedies For Your Bad Days

Tensed muscles. Sore back. Splitting headache. Is any of these sound familiar you might be dealing with the physical manifestations of stress. offers effective acupuncture therapies to help your body relax, and your mind recharges its energy. Within a session, you’ll feel genuinely regenerated and refreshed. It might not be enough to get rid of underlying issues, but you’ll certainly feel an improvement in your anxiety levels and your overall well-being.

A problem shared is a problem halved

Talking about your negative experience at the end of the day can help you to empty your head. As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. Talking is an effective way to vent and let go of your frustration if you’ve had one of those days. And when you’re faced with a difficult decision on a professional or personal front, you’ll find it is easier to clarify your thoughts and come to a better solution.

Sing your favourite song

Get in the car, turn up the radio and sing your heart out. Singing makes you happy as it generates a healthy dose of endorphins. The deep breathing action you have to make when you sing draws more oxygen into the blood, which improved both circulation and stress relief. And this goes without mentioning the emotional hook of music, which can create a variety of sensations, from sadness to joy. You’ll find that cheerful tunes are best to de-stress at the end of a long day.

Sweat it out

Stress is a chemical reaction that starts in your brain and can spread to the rest of your body, causing muscular tensions, digestive complaints, and even heart conditions. Consequently, something that directly targets the chemical concentration in your brain can be an effective way to get rid of your rainy cloud. The human body is not made to live a sedentary lifestyle. Consequently exercising makes your body happy, as explained on When you train, you release endorphins, which is directly linked to your mood. Additionally, working out increases the levels of oxygen in the blood, which acts as a stress relief.

In short, your personal rainy cloud is ready to disappear for good. Whether you choose to use acupuncture or to go on a jogging frenzy, they are plenty of immediate stress relief solutions you can use to improve your day.



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