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Have You Ever Thought About Making A Will?

Have You Ever Thought About Making A Will?

None of us wants to think about death. Although it is an inevitable reality, the COVID-19 pandemic has saturated our news and our entire lives with the subject – and it takes its toll on us eventually. We all want to live long, healthy lives. But if there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it is that life can throw unexpected events our way, and we have to be as prepared as possible for the challenges we will face. One of the scariest thoughts ever is dying unexpectedly – but in reality, this sadly happens to people sometimes. Making a will can give you at least some peace of mind that if something unexpected were to happen to you, your family will be taken care of.

Who Should Have A Will?

Legally, you can make a will if you are over the age of eighteen. But who really needs to have a will? Anyone can make one, and if it will make you feel better, you absolutely should. However, there are certain factors which make it more advisable to draw up a will right away. Here is a breakdown of factors that contribute, and why they matter.

#1 Your Assets

If you are a young person who rents their accomodation and has few belongings, there is not as much of a need for a will. A will breaks down who is entitled to your assets and money when you pass away; if you have not much of either, there is not a pressing need to draw up a will.

However, if you are someone who has assets such as a house which you own, a business under your name or highly valuable property such as jewelry, it is advisable that you draw up a will. If you pass away without a will, all your assets will automatically pass to your next of kin, instead of being separated among your family as you wish them to be.

#2 Children

If you have any children under the age of eighteen, you should immediately look into drawing up a will, alongside your partner or the other parent of the children. This is because when it comes to custody, if you and your partner were involved in an accident and both of you passed away, it would be up to the state to determine who takes care of your children. A will can also help determine how your assets are passed down to your children.

#3 Old Age and Illness

If you are of old age or are suffering a life threatening illness, it is a good idea to have a will drawn up.

How Do I Make A Will?

Will writing services exist in many forms. A service such as Will HQ will write your will for you and allow you to specify exactly how and in what way your assets are passed on. A bespoke will writing service is recommended for getting this process exactly right. It is a sensitive topic, and requires professional care.



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