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There’s hair down there, a modern women’s conundrum


For obvious reasons, I’m not posting pictures about the hair down there of myself. I do however want to open the dialogue about the state of affairs of pubic hair (or lack thereof) for women in 2017. 

My History of Hair Down there

I was born in the (very) late 60’s at a time when women didn’t even think about messing around “down there”. Yes, I am talking about pubic hair. In the late 70’s/early 80’s when I started to develop, it was normal to have hair down there. In fact, in the 80’s it was a sign that we were becoming women. The magazines under boy’s/men’s beds were the testimony to that.

hair down there 70's, 80's and 00's
hair down there 70’s, 80’s and 00’s

Sure, we tidied it up on the sides, so our 80’s high cut swimmers didn’t have a garnish on the sides, but that was about it. Nude photos surfaced of Madonna, with abundant body hair.Madonna released her book “Sex” in the very early 90’s in which “tidied up” pubic hair was the thing.

Madonna released her book “Sex” in the very early 90’s in which “tidied up” pubic hair was the thing.

Madonna's "Sex" Book had a brushed aluminium cover
Madonna’s “Sex” Book had plenty of references to the hair down there.
Madonna's Book "Sex" from early 90's
Madonna’s Book “Sex” from early 90’s

The 90’s rolled around and it was fashionable to trim and remove all but the small triangle at the front, but there was still a mystery and we were still obviously grown women.

Fast forward until today…

The fashion with “runway” was in. A tiny strip down the middle. A thin, Chaplinesque moustache of wiry short fuzz. It was the last glimmer of obvious sexual maturity, that we older women (those who gave a toss) clung to, in the vain hope that the bush would come back and save us all a lot of pain and trouble in the hair removal business. But alas no. The runway is now gone, and Brazilians, the complete removal of hair in the nether regions, are the look du jour. Gone is the map of Tassie, that patch of hair we hid our most intimate bits behind. We are now expected to have nude lady parts, with our anatomy in full display.

Hair down there chart
Hair down there chart

As a 47-year-old woman, I have conformed to this aesthetic, mainly because I want to hang onto my youth, so I follow the trends of the youthful. I am contemplating permanent hair removal (laser) to remove all that is left of my feminine hair, rather than endure the torture of waxing, the prickliness of shaving or the stubble that will grow back on uneven tufts.

It’s $39 for a session of laser, or $40 for 6 weeks of soft lady parts, both of which hurt in equal measure but will save shaving.

Are we erasing all that is defining ourselves as mature women as opposed to girlhood? Are we doing it for our partners or ourselves? Why is hair such a taboo? Is it because in this age of technology and cyber erotica, nothing is sacred and all is on show, that the removal of the female triangle of hair is permanently lifting the curtain to reveal the mysteries of womanhood in all its glory? Or is it that we are expected to remain in a prepubescent state?

The removal of hair on women seems to coincide with men’s fashion all about more hair. Man buns, lumberjack beards, moustaches and the like. Men are celebrating a “hyper-masculinity” while we lasses are heading in the other direction. Men = hair everywhere, women = baby smooth bits (although we are adding lashes and hair extensions).

Thoughts ladies?

hair down there and up there - ladies v men
hair down there and up there – ladies v men



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