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End Of Summer Maintenance Jobs You Might Not Have Thought About

End Of Summer Maintenance
But now the summer is just about over, you’ve got your work cut out for you!

Summer is a time of fun, as well as a time to lay back and enjoy the good weather. You can sit in the garden with a sun shade over you, sipping cocktails or some homemade ice cream, and not think about any work you need to get done

But now the summer is just about over, you’ve got your work cut out for you! You’ve probably already got a list as long as your arm regarding the cleanup jobs that need to be ticked off, but could a few items be missing? Double check you’ve also included the ones below for a happy winter season at home. 

Inspect the Roof

You don’t need to do much work here, you just need to set up a ladder (safely!) and then get up onto your roof and have a look around. Once you’re up there, make a checklist of the things you see. 

Any slipped tiles or shingles? Any broken guttering or missing pipe sections? Any cracks in the underlayer, which you can see as a result of something slipping away? Double-check now for a safer and warmer winter!

Trim the Front Lawn

Seeing as most plant life goes dormant during the last half of the year, you might not have given this one much thought. However, trimming the front lawn is a good idea right now, whilst the grass is still dry and has enough life in it. If you leave the lawn as is, there’s a good chance it’ll spill out during the colder season, growing into the pavement and getting overrun with weeds. Trim it now for added curb appeal!

Clean Out the Pool

If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool in the backyard, make sure you either get some pool cleaners in or wade in with a net yourself! You want to get as much dirt and grime out of the pool as possible before you cover it for the season; you don’t want anything rotting in there whilst you’re not using it. Similarly, it’s a good idea to also flush the pool and give it a proper spray down, to ensure there’s nothing stuck in the filters and no bacteria is clinging to tiles. 

Dust Down Fabrics

Treating fabric isn’t usually high on the list of cleaning tasks once the summer is over, but all that hot, moist air can cause a dust build up on soft surfaces. Areas such as your sofa cushions and the blinds or curtains are the most likely victims for an issue like this, so either strip them bare and wash the covers or invest in something like a compressed air can. This way you can bust the dust without much effort, and have perfectly clean furniture and soft furnishings for the next 3 months. 

Summer’s end means a lot more work for homeowners! Use a list like this to make sure you’ve crossed off all the maintenance jobs you need done. 



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